Cleaning / Protecting help!

  1. Hi....I am buying my first white Bolide soon....and I wanted to know if any of you know of products you can use on white clemence leather?

    I have Apple leather cleaner and the rain/stain these work on H bags?

    Just some thoughts please because I definitely DO NOT want to ruin the bag! :p

    Thank you!!! :heart:

    PS: I live in NH, so I am nowhere near an H boutique to get a spa treatment...this is why I'm asking for opinions... :smile:

    PSS: I searched for info on this, and haven't found any threads, so if there is a thread I missed, mods please help me and send the link! lol :p
  2. PurseSlave, I've used the apple guard products since I started buying Vuitton. I feel they are great products and it's up to the individual as to whether she wishes to use them on her Hermes pieces.

    That said, I've also heard that Hermes wishes for us to use only the John Lobb products, if we feel we have to use something....since Hermes is not familiar with Apple products and IS familiar with John Lobb ( since they own this company )

    Meaning, that if we use something on our bags, then, at some point decide to send them to Hermes for refurbishing, then they won't be familiar with what's been used on the bag before....

    Since it's a white bag....if it were me, I would probably use the John Lobb. Because, the probability of you wanting to send a white piece to Hermes to be refurbished at some point is higher than your sending, say, a black clemence Bolide to be refurbished...KWIM???
  3. Thanks so much! I use Apple products on my LV bags...and they work great...where do you find John Lobb stuff? :smile:
  4. PurseSlave, I can't advise you enough NOT to do any treatments on your H bags. Clemence is a very tough leather and can withstand rain and sleet. Just wipe it down with a soft tissue.

    My clemence bags have had coffee poured on them, in them, rain... Still in perfect condition.

    DO NOT Appleguard the bag. My SA told me that Hermes will refuse to refurbish the bag if anything happens to it due to the AG or any other product.
  5. I'm just scared because I used to have a white Balenciaga city and it got dirty very easily lol
  6. thanks both of you!! :smile: