Cleaning out your wardrobe & business wardrobes?

  1. Yikes, I'm trying to clean out my wardrobe and I'm having the worst time getting rid of things. I once read that we use 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. How do you all clean out your wardrobes?

    I'm also wondering how many suits and shells would be a good amount to have for work. I live in DC, so I do need some seasonal clothing, but my closet is just overpacked right now and I'm envious of my bf's suits - it seems like a dozen or so is plenty for him. I don't want to be someone who repeats the same outfit every week though!
  2. I go by this criteria:

    Obviously if I wear it a lot, those items are staying.

    * Don't get rid of dresses -- those are once in awhile pieces
    * Pants, shirts, skirts --- Have I worn them this past year? If not, why? Will I wear this again, seriously?

    I get rid of tons of clothes a year, and I go through my clothes seasonally because I always acquire pieces during the season... so I obviously need to let some go.

    As for work pieces, i have 3 suits, and a ton of skirts and sweaters. I don't have to wear a suit to work though. But I think what makes a work clothes different are the accent pieces... cufflinks, scarf, bag, colored collared shirt. I can have 10 black suits, and it'll look like I wear the same thing everyday (even though I don't).. so I think accent pieces are a must. I bought 2 vests just to wear w/ my suitpants to switch it up.
  3. Did you read that book "the 80/20 Principle" too?
  4. Do you know this organization?

    I don't have a lot of room for my clothes in Paris (sometimes I miss my walk in closet!) so, I have to really think before I buy anything! And, I am forever getting rid of things. I agree with D§G on every point she makes. I buy fewer things, of the highest quality I can find, and then accessorize! (that is what separates us from the animals, right?) Due to limited space, I store a lot of seasonal clothes if I really love them, and I try to live by a rule that if I buy something new, I have to get rid of something as well. If I don't feel great in an outfit, I don't want it hanging around making me feel guilty for not wearing it.
  5. No, I'll have to look it up on Amazon - do you recommend it?
  6. Getting rid of clothing is hard, I do it by either retiring tops & bottoms to my "only in the house" drawer, or donating them. My criteria is that the object must be damaged or unworn for 2years happily.
  7. Be ruthless: If it doesn't fit and no amount of tailoring or serious weight-loss/gain will change that, get rid of it.

    Next: If you haven't worn it in the past month, why? Is it a dressy jacket that you really only have occasion to wear to glam night events? In that case, keep it. If it's a pretty average jacket you should be wearing once or twice a week, why aren't you? Try it with other clothes and spend a day trying different accessories and outfits together to make it work. If the piece still isn't working for you after that, move it on.

    Accessories are the best way to refresh an outfit - buy the best shoes, bags and jewellery you can afford. Buy classic clothes for work and be prepared to invest in quality. I have an extremely small wardrobe and a limited number of outfits for work. All are of extremely high quality and I adjust accessories for the weather and my mood.
  8. I just did a major closet purge and got rid of so much stuff. Some of it was too small stuff that I'd been hanging onto forever. A lot of it was too big stuff that I didn't need anymore since I'd lost weight. And I didn't want to keep it 'cause I never plan to be that heavy again!

    Some of it was just too old, or I no longer liked it. I now have a nicely edited group of clothing for work that encompases several suits, some nice bouses and sweaters, skirts and pants. I too repeat the same classic pieces but very the shoes, bags, jewelery and other accessories widely.
  9. I read it. It was required reading for a class I took in college.

    I basically makes the point that the world focuses around the 80/20 ratio. For example 20% of your clothes makes 80% of your outfits. 80% of the day is spent on 20% of your workload (phone calls, meeting, etc.).

    For work I have a small wardrobe and I wear everything to death. The only issue I have is whenever I have to dry clean something or something breaks it is stressful because I don't have a lot of other options.

    The hardest thing with me is I prefer dresses but I don't feel they can be repeated twice a week. Pants and skirts example can be repeated with different tops and acessories and not look the same. I also tend to go toward solids more because they aren't as rememberable as prints. If I waer them every week no one will notice.

    I usually have at least the following for work. I try to find things that will coordinate with at least 2-3 other pieces so I can create several outfits with few pieces.
    3 pants
    5 tops
    2-3 skirts

    I'm working on a new work wardrobe because my new office dresses radically different from my old one. Much more casual. This is what I'm planning to start with:
    3 dresses
    2 skirts
    1 jeans
    5 tops
    2 cardigans
  10. I just purged my closet last night (work stress - couldn't sleep;) and I'm totally embarrassed by the number of pieces that still have tags on them -yikes! I was ruthless in my purging - I now have bags for Goodwill and a huge rack (yes, a full freakin' rack) of stuff for the resale shop! I'm adopting a new policy moving forward -- buy very high quality pieces that I will wear to death - no more stuff that I wear once or twice or ...shudders... never!
  11. I clean my clothes out the end of each season (er, the end of summer and the end of winter). If at the end of summer, I have summer stuff that I didn't wear this yeah (that was bought last year) it goes. I leave all the warm stuff, even if I haven't worn it in awhile, just in case I find use for it once the chilly weather comes. Then I do the same at the end of winter.

    I donate all my things to a women's shelter I used to work at, since I know who the clothes go to (women who really need it and use the center a lot, not just women who randomly come in off the street), so that makes it easier to give things away.