Cleaning out the clutter

  1. :yahoo:I can't believe it is done......the basement is totally empty (except for one room and a closet). I think I threw out 35+ bags of garbage and then had the garage sale and other stuff is in the garage till I get the Salvation Army or someone to take it.....
    Donated 13+ bags to charity this past week:yes::yes:....

    The new carpet was installed and now I am waiting for the painters to paint the basement. Then the kids will have a TV area and play room. I will have a sewing corner. I never thought it would be done. Before you could not walk in the basement, you had to snake your way around the boxes and crap......hubby is a packrack but is now changing and getting rid of things....
    It feels great.....
  2. thats great!
    i wish i had the energy and the will power to de clutter.
  3. Nice job, gillianna!!! Congrats!
  4. Great!
  5. That's FAB...wish I could do that. I'm a packrat by nature, and it's difficult to change.
  6. Congrats!!!

    You have reminded me and encouraged me to do the same...soon.

    BF and I have to clear out the basement. He's a packrat, too and we have to snake around boxes and stuff. I just want to sell/throw/donate stuff, but since it's sports memorabilia he says it worth $, etc. I just think he doesn't want to let it go.:rolleyes:
  7. Congrats! I am so jealous. I started a de clutter in the early spring and I am seriously lagging!

    Great job you!
  8. Oh that's wonderful!!!! I wish I could do the same for our garage. I keep NOTHING. My husband keeps EVERYTHING...
  9. You did good! We had a street sale on our block today. We did well, but would probably have done much better if it would just stop raining! I thought last August was awful, but this one is looking to be worse.
  10. that must feel so good!