Cleaning Out Coach (Not what you think!)

  1. Well, I've been tackling the task of weeding out my walk-in closet and realized something:

    I don't need NEARLY the stuff I thought I did.

    I'm pretty good about getting rid of things/goodwill runs and requiring my kids to donate toys before their birthdays to 'make room for new ones,' and decided I needed to take my own advice.

    It appears I needed it!

    Seems I'll be selling some stuff on eBay and running to Goodwill this weekend!

    It feels good, though because I picked up a couple of bags during this PCE that I really wanted and am satisfied enough to let a few other ones go. I don't have tons of bags--but it is making me hold off on buying other things that are too similar (a SERIOUS downfall of mine--O Queen of the Brown Bag!)...

    I feel ten pounds lighter and things seem more clear now. I also noticed that the bags I'm keeping seem more beautiful. I think I'll enjoy them now.

    Sometimes less really is more!:yes:
  2. Congratulations! :drinks:I've done this! It was part of my process into the purse forum! We do accumulate and sometimes it feels like things own us. But another miracle of the universe is when we make "room" it creates a vacuum. Make sure it fills back up with something great and useful!
  3. Huh? No one cares?:crybaby:

    I have to go and buy a bunch of new stuff and post pictures of that loot? Ok, I see how it is around here...kidding:yes:

    I know it's not as much fun as looking at all these new goodies. I agree, but hey, now I can actually find stuff!
  4. Congratulations! I know how cleansing a purge can be. Since I have a 9 month old, I'm in a continuous state of new-stuff-acquisition and getting rid of stuff that can be sent to good will or given to others with younger babies. I did a wardrobe and purse overhaul after I assessed that my wardrobe and purses didn't suit the new "mommy life." Go you! That is a huge accomplishment!
  5. Congrats! Are you going to get anything with the $ you get from the old bags? :graucho: lol.
  6. I've been doing the same thing, except as I have the eBay girl sell my old Dooneys and Coachs,etc., I've been using the the money to buy a few new Lv bags. So much less clutter and I have a few bags that I truely love.
  7. You know, I think that's part of it..I have three little kids and my youngest are now four, so I've been really anxious to give/donate all of our other kid gear. It takes up so much room! I'm sure you're going through that constantly rotating stuff with your little one!

    It does feel good. I also feel like I might now be more patient in waiting to buy my next bag--not just pick up and return like I've done a few time this year. Wonder why it works like that!:drool:
  8. hehehe..yes, they'll go into my Coach fund, but I'll try to be more disciplined, which is going to be really hard in the fall.

    I don't have many accessories, though, which is good. That can add up fast for me and I'm not very good at switching out stuff...
  9. Heck! I want to see pics of what you are planning to part ways with!:yes::graucho:
  10. me too!:tup:
  11. I'm trying to do that too.. I have so many Coach purses I don't use anymore. Part of me wishes Coach would stop coming out with new things every other week bc it makes all my older stuff look outdated :lol:
  12. I do this. I sell bags every few months. I really only keep maybe 10 bags (not just Coach) at any given time and that includes evening bags, etc. I get bored quickly and this lets me get new stuff a lot

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! yay!!
  13. I've been doing the same thing these past few weeks. I've got 6 bags(Dooney and Coach) ready to sell on eBay. It does make you feel more in control of all your "Stuff" when you can honestly say, "I don't need this anymore"(which I've ALWAYS had trouble doing!:sad:)
  14. me, three!!!!! :nuts:

  15. Of course I care! I care about your PEACE OF MIND :heart: and I gave you forewarning! I cleared out my loot and a serious Ali invasion occurred!:nuts: