cleaning of this defect burberry bags

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  1. hi! this bags is defect isit possible to go for cleaning for it???
    i wanted to buy this bag! but it is having those stains.isit worth buying ???
  2. It may or may not be possible, depends on what the stain is, if ink and it saturated the bag it may be next to impossible to remove it. Also, if you are interested in the bag, make sure to have it authenticated in the authenticate thread. I would be hesitant to buy it though, I own this bag and though I have never had problems with it, I have the Burberry cleaning foam for coated canvas which I use after each wear and once I stained the bag by placing it over a pen and even with this cleaner it was really hard to remove the stain. Since this bag is so stained and the stains are very apparent, I would be weary.
  3. what do you guys reccomend to protect canvas and leather. I bought mine a year ago from the burberry website. still in very good condition. there is a small scratch on the leather wondering what i could do to fix it.
  4. Scratch on leather can not be easily fixed unless you try polishing it but it won't work. I accidentally scratched a full-leather Etienne Aigner clutch with my nails once and the deep gash is still there today with no cure so i don't think it can be cured.