cleaning oak...

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  1. hoping someone can refer me to a previous post or make a suggestion.

    I have noticed today the back of my oak bays is, well, a bit grubby!

    how can i clean her up...?
    she's got that sort of 'dark dirty - been brushed against your coat - look'

    just want her a little bit cleaner

    thanks in advance xxx
  2. I am a bit of a coward and just use collonil soft gum on anything oak or light. I think other brands make equivilant versions and really its just like a soft pencil rubber. It does take off light colour transfer. Hopefully others will be able to offer better advice though as I am too scared to do anything too interesting.
  3. never heard of it...
    now off to play on google xxx
  4. Maybe a baby wipe? I've used them on my pebbled mitzy to get denim stains off and they worked well. Not sure about on NVT leather, but think I remember others saying they had used them...
  5. Totally unrelated but loving that Bridal website:smile: esp the Angela dress
  6. Have to say, I went on your website and had a look at the wedding dresses too........... maybe one day!! xx
  7. (thanks girls...!...but back to subject) tee hee

    cant find this collonil rubber, can anyone help???
  8. try woly gel and as for baby wipes i use huggies pure as they got not much in them. they're free from fragrance and alcohol.
  9. Hof are now selling a collinil gel. I have used it on my oak bays and it really freshened it up. It didn't have any marks on it so not sure if it would work for these. Maybe worth a try. It was €7.
  10. i have used the gel on her injury, where the tesco trolley beat her up!, but my bays just looks grubby and like theres a bit of colour transfer from darker clothing
  11. I have just ordered some of the woly gel to clean oak leather... should be here this week so I will give it a go...