cleaning my pop....

  1. As you know, yesterday my popincourt arrived. Yes i bought it used.
    Anyway today while out i decided to pick up some baby wipes and give this a try..
    here goes..
    IMG_6061 (1).jpg IMG_6063 (1).jpg IMG_6066 (1).jpg IMG_6067 (1).jpg
  2. this is right after first wipe,and the wipes I used.
    IMG_6069 (1).jpg IMG_6070 (1).jpg IMG_6068i.jpg
  3. this is an hour after first cleaning..
    pictures taken with flash...
    IMG_6072i.jpg IMG_6073i.jpg IMG_6071i.jpg
  4. one hour after without flash, natural light pictures.
    IMG_6077i.jpg IMG_6076i.jpg IMG_6075i.jpg
  5. It looks great!
  6. it looks really nice and even, very pretty! I was wondering if you then condition afterwards?

  7. :yes: it looks very clean.
  8. Looks great!!
  9. Looks great! I need to get some wipes and clean up my Speedy handles. I love that poor bag too much for its own good. :shame:
  10. wow. great results.
  11. Looks good. I should try it on my bags too. Thanks for sharing the tip.
  12. Actually they arent bad at all. I am going to spray it now with wilson spray.
  13. thank you :smile:
  14. thanks :smile:
  15. I'm impressed :smile: