Cleaning My Ivory Stam?

  1. Hi

    Does anyone know how i can keep my MJ Stam clean? I decided to go for a cream colour stam :yahoo: and as its very light i am worried about it getting filthy. Is there anything i can buy to keep it clean?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. i have been asking the same question and not a lot of people seem to be responding to this question. but there is a thread which i think is titled something like: does anyone have a cream/ivory stam, or somthing like that. they discussed appleguarde from and some other repelant products, but some thought that we should not spray our leathers with anything to preserve their natural properties and charm.
  3. You could try maintaining it regularly by cleaning it with baby wipes. That way the dirt won't build up on the bag. I'd pay special attention to the handles and the bottom of the bag.
  4. Sorry im late replying, Thanks for your help. I love the colour so much but i dont want it getting dirty, it will ruin the bag. I dont use it all the time because im worried about it getting filthy.
  5. ^ I know what you mean! but for what you paid for it, you should try to get as much use out of it as possible... maybe keep a travel size baby wipe package in the bag, so it's easier to clean regularly.
  6. definitely be weary of wearing it with denim of any sort... you'll get color transfer from your jeans.

    I'd use apple cleaner when it gets dirty, and condition it right afterwards