Cleaning my creamy colour cannage wallet.

  1. Hi, my lovely boyfriend just bought me a creamy colour cannage wallet. It's my first designer item and plus because it's a pretty expensive gift from him, I want to keep it in top condition.

    I have been using it for a few weeks but I'm getting pretty stressed out because it has already gotten abit dirty on the corners. :crybaby: I'm trying my best to prevent the stains by putting the wallet in a separate compartment in my bag. Haha, my male workmate thinks I should store it in a little plastic bag.

    Anyways, do you think I can actually remove the stains? What should I use? Note I have already applied a leather conditioner and water repellant spray to the bag.

    Thanks in advance for the advice

    P.S I have also attached two pics of my wallet.
    SP_A0094.jpg SP_A0095.jpg
  2. congrats on the lovely wallet lozzalozza!

    i'm not too sure about how to handle white bags, but i reckon you could bring it to a leather cleaning specialist? or ring up dior and ask them if there's any cleaning specialist (or service) they can recommend for your bag. when i called up my local dior to ask if they had any after care services/cleaning services available, they directed me to the drycleaners they'd normally use for their bags (it's the same drycleaners that my local chanel uses too). so perhaps you could ring up dior and see if they can offer you any guide on it.

    failing which, i guess it's good to bring it into a leather cleaning specialist. i've also seen on the chanel subforum a PFer who had her bags redyed by an online site - Lovin My Bags Leather Care for Handbags
    the thread showing the before & after photos of a PFer's chanel bag is here:

    i hope that helps some!
  3. I agree with Zerodross! Do take it to Dior or a leather cleaning specialist and they can either help you clean the dirt stains or re-dye the stained areas (although it may be harder to do with such a light color). But in any case, the design looks very "antiqued" so any dirt stains can add to the beauty of the wallet, unless the stains are blue (or any non-grey/brown color).
  4. Thanks for the replies! I'll call Dior and see what they say.