Cleaning my Coach

  1. So, I have a HUGE dilemma.:confused1:

    I was at school yesterday and my pretty new blue bag got a stain on it! I don't even know what it is! It is the blue on in the picture below, it is a 2007 outlet bag (thats what you guys told me) it is hardly a week old and I almost cried!

    I also have, as you can see, the Patchwork tote, and it is just dirty around the edges, and on the bottom, even tho I never put it on the ground...

    How do I clean these. I don't have any money, but I have some woolite, can I just put them in the wash on the handwash or gentle cycle and air dry them, or what?

    My sis also has two hamptons scribble hobos and a hamptons scribble tote, how should we wash them?