Cleaning My Coach

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  1. So, I have a HUGE dilemma.:confused1:

    I was at school yesterday and my pretty new blue bag got a stain on it! I don't even know what it is! It is the blue on in the picture below, it is a 2007 outlet bag (thats what you guys told me) it is hardly a week old and I almost cried!

    I also have, as you can see, the Patchwork tote, and it is just dirty around the edges, and on the bottom, even tho I never put it on the ground...

    How do I clean these. I don't have any money, but I have some woolite, can I just put them in the wash on the handwash or gentle cycle and air dry them, or what?

    My sis also has two hamptons scribble hobos and a hamptons scribble tote, how should we wash them?
  2. NO! don't put them in the wash!!!!!!!!

    use baby wipes on them or a little bit of clear soap on a just slightly damp wipe

  3. Agreed! NEVER put it in the washing machine!
  4. Ok, I tried unscented and non-lotionized baby wipes, but they still are very dirty, and the stain is still on the blue one!
  5. do you have any shout wipes? those are great for getting out stains

    the key is to not use anything with too much water in it bc it will leave water spots

    unfortunately with those light colored bags they show dirt very easily.

    keep scrubbing with the baby wipes, you might have to put a little elbow grease into it, but several girls on this board swear it works.
  6. ok, I'll try it.

    Do you think If I use a damp washcloth with a little woolite in the water if that would be okay?
  7. just be super super careful to have just the slightest damp cloth so you dont get water spots
  8. If you can get some of the Coach cleaner, it really works well. I just bought some Signature Fabric cleaner and it got the spot on the bottom of my Carly bag out completely. Hope you are able to get it out!
  9. I had the new scribble and I used a small nail brush and some dove soap with warm water. It worked great! Just don't brush too hard. Let me know if it works!!
  10. Dove soap works well too, I have used it on my hamptons tote before and it works like a charm just a little bit of soap and a warm wash cloth.
  11. i usually get a damp cloth with detergent with my bags, then blow dry the water stain so it doesnt stay in