Cleaning my closet - oh the things I'm finding...

  1. like this old t-shirt:


    think I'll wear him today!
  2. I need to clean my closet... I can' even start because I'm so overwhelmed... I keep it locked.:shrugs:
  3. Oh, I so need to do this! But I did get all the Christmas stuff down.
  4. hee hee, funny t-shirt!

    I totally need to clean my closet, but I'm afraid! who knows what is in there! I can see a guitar sticking out, and I don't even play the guitar!
  5. Hahaha that T-shirt is classic! :roflmfao:

    My husband has one that says "Got Wang?" with an arrow pointing down. I WISH I could clean it out of his closet, but he'd never let me! (At least he doesn't wear it in public...)
  6. Good one! I've got a hockey t-shirt that says "two minutes in the not enough!!"

    My closets are cleaned out but the kitchen cabinets...pots and pans...right now it's an evil black hole I have been putting off for over a week...
  7. Should def be cleaning out my closet! Want/ NEED a brand new wardrobe, and there's simply NO more space. :p
  8. may your purging inspire me to purge my wardrobe
  9. thats a cute shirt
  10. Lol!!
  11. I recently cleaned out my bfs closet. I found a t-shirt that said, "I swear I didn't know she was three" he has a lot of hysterical shirts that he obviously doesn't wear. UGh and he won't let me throw them out.
  12. HAHA love scumby. My closet needs a big weeding soon...
  13. Scumby is a classic! You can't get rid of him, haha. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I need to clean mine, but I end up getting overwhelmed.
  15. I tried to clean out my closet, but I couldn't part with anything, so now it's just more of an organized mess than it was before