Cleaning my beloved Tod's


Balencia-gasms. Yum.
Mar 7, 2006

That's my bag - in white. It was a birthday present from my super-chic and ultra observative mother, equestrian inspired because that's me!!

But... for some reason, a bit of the glue inbetween the handles, etc etc... is yellow and has rubbed off. Also, after a few months in a high rise condo, my beautiful bag is a wee bit dry.

Does Tod's do a bag-upkeep service?

Opinions? I will post pictures later tonight if that would help!
I know a lot of folks have recommended baby wipes for cleaning white leather bags. For dry leather, you can use a leather conditioner...I use Coach's brand. Also for stains, several of the ladies here have recommended the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (which I used over the weekend on my LV Vachetta parts with some success), but I'd try it on a small, non-visible part of the bag first just to be sure it doesn't discolor the leather.
Hi chestnuthannoverian? Can I call you chestnut that's such a long name you have! Anyway, did you mean that the glue as well as the bag is drying up? For the leather, def leather conditioner. But for the glue, I was wondering, in another thread some time back, someone mentioned a super glue variant which is flexible and bendy (for lack of a real word!). I am also trying to search, cause I have a tiny (like a milimetre) portion on my Tod's bag where the glue appears to be separating from the leather.

I will go to Tod's one of these days also and ask.
What about a pen mark? I have one on my Tods Mickey bag but it is suede and leather. Should I take it to a shoemaker or a drycleaner? Any suggestions are appreciated.
Hi chestnut! My husband took my bag to the boutique today. And they gave him the option of repair or exchange. I took exchange!! They had one that just arrived last week of March. My husband said he scrutinized it before he finally took it! He didn't get to ask about repair anymore, but I suppose they wouldn't have charged... They seemed to be more keen on the exchange actually. I don't know however if this is because it is new, I got it when it first arrived in early Feb this year.

So, I have a new Tod's bag today! :nuts: