Cleaning LV

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  1. I am new to this site, so this maybe be a dumb question. Is there a special cleaner to clean the handles of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Bags? I have 2 that are about 2-3 years old and I noticed the handles are getting pretty narly. Any suggestions?
  2. Good question, I'm actually gonna head to the LV store in Cologne tomorrow afternoon and I can ask them for you.
  3. Appleguarde seems to be pretty popular, but it won't remove all of the deep in there dirt.. nothing will it seems. Plus handles do darken over time, so just enjoy the patina ;)
  4. I believe that the handles are Vachetta leather, which darken naturally with age, and shouldn't be treated with anything to cleanse or moisturize, as it may leave dark areas on the leather.
  5. I was told by the LV SA not to use anything on the handles, and just use a damp cloth on the canvas part.
  6. I've also been told not to do anything to the handles. It's said that the dark patina the handles develop with use is valued. I like it...and work hard to get that look when I have a new LV.
  7. We even learn about cleaning tips for our LV's!
  8. If handles are REALLY dirty and you can't stand them you could try magic eraser very gently, and follow up with applegard conditioner. Another option would be to have LV replace them. It costs about $100 ( which I know can be a chunk of change) but can totally transform a piece. I had the handle and pull tab replaced on my serviette conseiller (sp?) for $134 and it looks brand new. V
  9. My grandmother gave me her speedy (I think it's a 30, could be wrong) and I need some help getting 2 little spots off. It's got a lovely patina and I don't want to mess that up but I'd really like to get these 2 spots off. Any ideas or tips?

  10. I've seen wonders to make the vachetta handles look more uniform with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

    Shining Monkey's Fabric Protector is some of the best stuff to protect your bag from any other mishaps. I love it! No stickyness after you spray or dotty residue.
  11. DONT use applgard w/e you do I did that to the handles on one of my older L.V bags and it tottally made it worse. I suggest taking a damp cloth and rubbing it on the handles, it makes them look quite a bit better, but still not perfect. I would just take them to LV and get the new handles, it costs about $100 and up which is actually a good deal, because I did that and my 2 year old purse looked brand new.:lol:
  12. My SA said not to use anything on the bags either. If it really bothers you, a lot of the bags can have the handles replaced :biggrin:
  13. Does anyone know what cleans Epi leather safely?
  14. ^A clean white rubber eraser! It takes the dark marks right off my Epi leather. I've also used an eraser on the calfskin inside my Vernis pieces, and it also cleans all the dirt and grime right off.
  15. Does anyone know how to clean monogram mini??? do you think i could bring it to the LV???