Cleaning LV Denim

  1. I'm been using my Neo Cabby in the black for a whole month now, it's starting to feel really grotty... so I was wondering if it is possible to dry clean it?

    Would I be able to take it back to LV for a professional clean?

  2. try baby wipes...
  3. I have asked a SA previously on maintaining this bag, the reply was its not possible to dry-clean it due to the goldware and the material itself. Perhaps you should bring the bag to the store and check with them .
  4. My SA told me, that the Mini Lin bags could be dry cleaned by a dry cleaning store, so I think, that will be also possible for the Denim bags. You have to give it at a special dry cleaning store for handbags.
    I know a Lady, who put her Denim Baggy in the wash mashine, and it looks great. Me personally I wouldn't do that, but maybe that's a possibility too.
  5. :wtf:
  6. Yes Arnott, I was astounded too!!:wtf::wtf: But the Lady said me, that's no problem, I treat the strap with an leather product after washing the bag!:wtf:
  7. I would be so worried about the leather! I read on eBay putting leather unlined Coaches through a machine. Never done that, only handwashd them.
  8. I can't imagine putting my baggy pm in the washing machine! I would be terrified! I don't clean mine at all. I am just very careful of where I take it and where I put it down. It's always over my shoulder so I don't really have to place it anywhere except maybe the back of my chair.
  9. I washed my Mono Lin and Denim pochette by hand with a delicate items soap and scrubbing lightly with a cloth and rinse in the same manner. Then used a hairdryer set on low to take out most of the moisture allowing the bag to dry overnight afterwards in a well ventilated area placing the bag on a dry towel.
  10. I'd try baby wipes or just a damp cloth with nothing on it....see if that spruces it up.
  11. I can't believe that it is gross after a month... I have used mine a ton and it is fine... I would be CAREFUL, that is all I can say. I don't know about dry cleaning, call your SA and ask them. Let us all know what they say!