cleaning light colored straps like tan playground / amore

  1. Hi...

    Anyone have ideas on how to clean the straps on tokidoki purses? my tan PG mamma mia is a teeny bit dirty. I could try to spot clean it but I'm scared to ruin the leather.

  2. Yes, I've found keeping the bags clean is not the problem, it' skeeping the straps clean!!

    My Arancia Bambinone was used heavily whan I waent on vacation and the bag itself is clean, but the edges of the strap are just EWWWW!!! I can only imagine what the strap on the Bianco and Amore is gonna look like after a month or so.
  3. I wondered about that myself. Eventually the straps are going to get dirty from use. I thought I read somewhere that someone put their Toki in the washing machine. I know it has leather but it came out fine. I suppose if I ever get one of my bags that dirty and get desperate enough I'll just throw it in the wash and see what happens. :shrugs:
  4. OMG, that's what a parent told me a couple days ago. I was like, "What?" She said she heard it from someone else. But I'm not too sure about that... I don't want to chance it. If any of you try this, let me know how it works out... My Paradiso gioco front strap is stained a little white-ish from my deodorant. *lol* But I just try to use a cloth with water to get it out... A little of it is ground in there though.
  5. I'm thinking you could even try putting it in a lingerie bag to help protect it somewhat.
  6. Really I think running it thru the wash would not hurt it at all. The leather might get a bit darker but that's it. I wash leather tennis shoes all the time in the washer.

    And I've washed other bags that have leather trim and they were fine.

    And even though LeSportsac says not to wash any of their bags I've done it and the only thing that happens is a I have a clean bag again.
  7. I was dodo enough to actually soak and wash my L.A.M.B white rasta hobo (which has red interior lining) once and it's totally ruined... :crybaby: the white didn't get white and the red somewhat seeped through
    maybe it's worth risking with dark colored bags
  8. Sorry, I'm not really familiar with the Lamb line. Did it have any leather on it? Also did you like put it on the presoak setting and then washed it after?
  9. I have a arancia bocce that I took to Walt Disneyworld last December. The straps got nasty dirty in just 4 days time. I did throw it in the washing machine and then let it line dry. The bag came out great...the only thing was the leather trim was kind of dried out, so I applied leather moisturizer and the leather is doing better now. Machine wash works in a pinch, but I'm not sure I would do it with my most treasured Toki bags.
  10. Yes, I agree with you it is pretty much a last resort if your bag is filthy.
  11. I'm glad to hear you say that it was filthy in just 4 days. I used mine for just 7 days and it's icky. I thought it was jsu tme that got the straps so dirty so quickly!
  12. I love Disney, but everything I take into that park comes out gross & dirty:yucky:, no matter how careful I am. Next time I take any handbag into that park it will be a BLACK bag, so at least I won't see the nastiness on it.:rolleyes:
  13. the wash???? yikes! i think i'm just going to try and scrub it out with soap/water and a brush or something.
    i dont think i'll be able to replace a tan playground mamma mia. =(
  14. Don't throw it in the wash it completley ruins the leather. I bought a Original print BV on eBay that had been washed & the leather is a mottled dark ugly brown and greyish color now. It completley ruined it. I'm thinking about trying to dye it to make it look better. Maybe handwashing just the straps would work better.

  15. BW..didn't you say you sprayed your bags w/the Kiwi Protect All? Is it working for you?

    I've only used my bags a few times each so far...but I sprayed all of the straps as well as the if you spray your bags w/the protect all I'd suggest you spray it on the handles/straps & leather as well. so far, so good.