Cleaning light colored LV stitching (on my bag)

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  1. Hola gals,

    So it's about week two with my Ivoire Alma (:heart: her so much!) and so far so good, I've managed to keep her pretty clean. However, i notice that a few of the stitching threads at one corner of the bag have gotten slightly discolored (probably when I brushed up lightly against a door or something). Anyway, no scuffs on on the bag thankfully. However, a few threads have gotten a bit darkened. It's not noticeable but it's one of those things that bug me. How do I clean them?

  2. hmmm. Maybe like stain remover? IDK since its such a wierdish fabric.
  3. maybe mr. clean magic eraser?
  4. That sounds good. Try it on something similar to make sure the texture won't pull and pill the threads.
  5. nooo try the, bleach pen...I forget exactly who makes it..there was a commercial about it recently its orange pen and you rub it on stains and they come right out!
  6. i would NOT use magic eraser on the might frey them.
  7. I wouldn't use bleach...just cuz I find bleach does horrible things to all my clothes.. lol.. it totally destroys the material.

    By orange pen I'm guessing you mean Tide ToGo stain remover!
  8. i'm very afraid of touching a tidetogo pen onto my ivoire epi leather. it might discolor it :eek:
  9. I had some denim transfer on the leather of my Bosphore pm and I got the transfer off the leather completely. There is a very very slight darkness to the thread stitching though. I would say that the baby wipes got just about 99% of it out. Try baby wipes and stroke gently over the stitches and do this in a single direction. You can try the magic eraser, which I did as well, but it really did not remove the tiny bit that the baby wipes left behind. Just make sure whatever you use that you stroke in the same direction, you do not want to move back and forth, for this action could harm the threading. Good Luck. p.s. someone on the forum had wonderful luck using a gentle milk cleanser, one that does not require rinsing. She took before and after shots of her bag and posted them on the forum, her bag looked beautiful in the end!
  10. Ooh... good idea with the Tide pen! I'm going to try it out on my MC Trouville right now.

    ETA: Eh, it lightened it up a bit... but nothing worth posting a picture of. Maybe if you used it on a fresh stain? Mine are from about a year ago.