Cleaning Light Color Straps

  1. How do you clean the straps and I guess the strip that has the LeSportsac Logo on it near the zippers? On my bianco the Logo areas seem to be off-whitish now and I'm afraid its going to get disgustedly dirty. Also I'm afraid the stap is going to get dirty as well and I would like to try to keep it as clean as possible :crybaby: Thank you!
  2. Try a damp sponge with a little bit of Woolite.
  3. honestly I would recommend on the go fabric cleaners without bleach. i use oxyclean the on the go version that comes in a .4 oz spray bottle, (not the version that requires a washing machine) and it works great.

    i have used it on my white DS lite too, when I accidentally stained the R button red from jello. you just spray, leave it in and blotch it with a napkin and it disappears, although it might take more than one or two sprays for tough stains.
  4. i've used shampoo on mine before, but that involves getting the rest of the bag wet. it works pretty well.
  5. Bah, this happened to my Bianco, too~ Part of the strap is green from a shirt I was wearing :cry: My Tide Pen didn't take it out, just to give you a heads up~
  6. Thank you everyone for your answers. I'm going to try to clean it this coming weekend. I'm hoping for the best.

    Dancing Nancies, Is there no way you can get it out using the other methods people posted in this thread? I hope it comes out ; ; I would be so upset if that happened to mine. And thank you for letting me know about the Tide Pen, saves me time going out to buy one.
  7. I haven't tried any of those other methods... I'm a little scared of making my bag dirtier :cry: If you do, tell me how they work out for you!
  8. i usually wash my other tokis with tide pen or soap, and it usually works. but i'm scotchguarding my bianco right now, hopefully it won't stain ;)
  9. I have also used a little bit of SHOUT, when i had a spill