Cleaning Legacy Stripe

  1. So, the inside of my Nicola flats were looking yucky and I wanted to clean the Legacy Stripe Lining in them. Asked hubby to get both Shout Wipes and a Tide pen at the grocery store to test them on cleaning. Well, he couldn't find those, but brought home something called "Stain Pen", It goes on like a roll on deodorant. I tested a spot first for colorfastness and it seemed safe, so I went ahead.

    First, don't get this on the leather, only on the fabric. I rolled it on the fabric area (it kind of comes out like a gel), then used my fingers to rub it around and rub it in. Next, I took a dry wash cloth and rubbed the fabric and got quite a bit of dirt off. Then I rolled the gel stuff over it again, used my fingers to rub it in again, and let it sit for about an hour. After the hour, I wet the corner of a washcloth with cold water and rubbed it on the fabric. It took out the residue cleaner and the rest of the stains! I wish I had taken a before pic, they look great now. After wiping with the wet corner, I did wipe again with a dry corner. They are now drying over night and I will spray the inside with ScotchGuard tomorrow to protect them. :smile:
  2. I just bought a Hippie with a small stain from where the black flaps over the Legacy. I'll be looking for that!!!!
  3. I can tell you that mine turned out perfect. They are drying now, but look awesome. There was absolutely no color bleed and the dirt came off. Aside from obvious wear against the fabric (slightly pilled), the fabric looks great - like new.
  4. ohhh you didn't have to use the prayer method at all!
  5. I just used liquid laudry detergant on my Ali and Stripe Wristlet last night. Took the dirt right off with no water spots! It made my wristlet look good as new!
  6. I used a shout wipe with a bit of extra spray n wash (clear kind, not blue or pink kind) on the lining of my eBay mandy (the pocket flaps were dirty and the top of the lining

    looks great now, I want to do a bit more work on it, but I'm pretty happy

    Now I want to give the shout wipe a try on the sig, it's on good shape, I just want to brighten it up a bit
  7. Woolite with water works nicely!
  8. So sprinkles, I haven't tried this on my Katy tote yet. I've heard two different things, one that it is silk and one that it is satin like the lining. Which is it? I want to do a test corner because there is a smudge on my Katy tote, but I don't want to ruin her trying to get the smudge out.

  9. I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to clean the Legacy stripe fabric? Im not sure what to use on it.

  10. tide pens!
  11. I love Tide pens! I've seen them get things out that I didn't think could ever come out. The only drawback of Tide pens, though, is that they REEK!
  12. did you use that on all the colors or just hte white stripe?
  13. OMG yeah they do! ICK. :throwup: But it's so worth it. :yes:
  14. I`ll try it on the watercolor too