Cleaning Legacy Leather

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  1. I am sure someone has asked this and I searched for an answer but to no avail I came up short.

    What is the best way to get pen marks out of the legacy leather?

  2. Oh and where can I find the apple conditioner? Bay?
  3. Hi! Apple products can be found in
  4. Thanks!

    Now I just need an Old wives remedy to get pen marks out of the leather =(
  5. You can try this:

    Step 1Obtain one can of aerosol (must be aerosol) hairspray and a cotton cloth.

    Step 2Spray aerosol hairspray onto cloth.

    Step 3Rub spot gently with cloth. Repeat until spot has disappeared
  6. Didn't work :tdown:

  7. Does anyone have any other suggestions or tricks?
  8. once, i accidently got ink on my yellow leather friend suggested alcohol wipe, which worked great.. but a bit of the yellow got lighter..since i didn't do it light and fast enough :sad:
  9. Try baby wipes. I had an ink stain on my legacy Mandy and that took it off.
  10. Hi,
    If you live close to a Burlington Coat Factory, they sell Apple Conditoner and Spray for $5 a can or bottle!

    As far as ink in leather, Grandma's Secret might work. You can find that at Bed, Bath and Beyond! (got that info from a fellow TPFer)

    Good Luck!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. I have had good luck with rubbing alcohol, dab it and it should just rub right off. In a pinch I have even used hand sanatizer with great results. Note that I have not tried this on leather but it works perfectly on clothes. You can also try mr clean magic eraser, again I have not tried on leather only walls (I have a 2 year old who just doesn't get the whole you only draw on paper bit). Good luck.
  12. Have you tried an eraser? The only time I had luck with pen was using an eraser and than added Apple conditioner afterwards for moisure. It removed all of the ink mark. This was done on an vachetta LV handle which is a sensitive leather too!
    Good Luck