Cleaning Leather

  1. Hi, this is really a general question, but I have a washed buffalo hide Prada bag in the 'pervinca' (powder blue) colour. It's gone a bit yellow after a year's daily use, no specific stains, it's just generally getting a bit shabby. Any ideas? I'm scared to ruin it because a lot of leather cleaners can't be used on certain soft leathers, and because it's so light in colour, I don't want to risk it!! Help!
  2. you have one of two options, you can take it to a professional leather cleaner and have them take care of it or you can buy leather cleaner products and try cleaning it yourself. certain products are very gentle and effective against dirt and getting yellowing white bags to look like new again. i use apple products. you can buy it from i use it on my mj, balenciaga, and miu miu bags with great results. i sound like an infomercial. :lol: good luck!