cleaning inside of cell case

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  1. I just bought a LV cell phone case on eBay and I want to clean it before using it. I plan to use Apple Brand Cleaner/Conditioner on the outside, but I am not sure of what to use on the inside. Here is a photo of the inside the seller sent me. What would you use on it?
  2. I would not use Apple cleaner on anything LV, the Apple conditioner is great on LV leather and even used by many on the canvas, BUT I would not apply either of those products to the inside of your cell case. I think I would stick to non-alcohol baby wipes for the inside of your cell case. The wipes should remove the dirt and freshen it up for you as well. When you use the baby wipes, first make sure they are alcohol free and then continuously change to a new wipe as you do this, so you are not reapplying old dirt as you wipe it down. Also after the first round of cleaning, you may want to allow it to dry before beginning a second round of cleaning, this way you have a good idea if a second round is needed and if the wipes are doing a good job. Its better to apply some baby wipes than a lot of baby wipes in the beginning to see how the interior of your case is responding to the wipes. Good Luck, I have the cell phone case in the small size and love it!
  3. Thanks, I will take your advice and use baby wipes.
  4. Baby wipes all the way! The ones at wal-mart with the cartoons are the best!