Cleaning Inside of Bag

  1. hey all....I looked on the FAQs but couldn't find anything.

    How would you clean the inside of a cerises speedy? I am trying to sell it and noticed some marks on the inside (were there when I bought it) of them looks like maybe makeup?

    I want to use something that won't stain the canvas...but I think it's going to take more than just plain water.

    I have some Shout disposable think they would leave a mark?
  2. I was told by LV that they use alcohol-free baby wipes inside and out to wipe down the bags.
  3. This is just a guess but could you wrap the shout wipe around a cotton swab and test it in an unnoticable area. The swab is thinner a finger and you can use a bit of pressure with it. Again this is just an idea. Good luck selling your bag.
  4. Thanks both of you! I'll try both of them :smile:

    I figure maybe if I can get it cleaned up in tip-top shape I can sell it for more!
  5. The inside? First thing that comes to mind is cleaning the inside gently with a tide-to-go pen.

    It does contain bleach, but I've used it on silk no problem, just make sure it doesn't soak the inside. I usually just push lightly to let some of the liquid flow out, and lightly rub the affected area.
  6. I use "ArmorAll Cleaning Wipes" (purple label). They are made for vehicle cloth interiors but work great on any type of fabric. I've used them to clean up the inside of my bags and even the outside of my black DG Compagnon. They did not stain or fade the colors of my bags and have a very light but pleasant sent.