Cleaning Inside Fabric

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  1. Hi all: looking for some advice! I finally got the bag I’ve been searching for! The Favorite MM. I was super excited and wasn’t paying attention and got lip crayon on inside flap.

    I realize these will get dirty sooner or later. But I was really hoping the honeymoon phase of cleanliness would last longer than a few days. Any tried and true methods to clean? I think I saw someone say Shout! in another thread.... I’m slightly panicked and tried to put a cleaner on it and blot with a paper towel which was a bad idea and didn’t work... it’s a lip liner/crayon.... I’m afraid if I use a stain remover or something it will fade the red... help!
    AB1359AC-6516-4EB8-A92C-7658F26F1581.jpeg 6F7204CD-EB81-4BC5-809C-614848307648.jpeg
  2. Did you try a little mild dish soap and warm water on a q-tip? If you work slowly and take care not to rub the crayon in further, it might work. Dispose of each q-tip as it picks up color and use a new one. My fear with Spray & Wash or the equivalent would be the cleaner actually staining the bag. Good luck! This would bother me too! Please report back. :smile:
  3. No I haven’t tried, but that’s certainly a good suggestion! Maybe I’ll should try to get a clear dish soap so the blue won’t potentially stain
  4. I’ve found that Dawn dish soap is the best at getting out stains. Go slow and use small amounts tho. You don’t want to make it worse or ruin the red lining. Good luck!
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  5. Thanks! Will try
  6. Agree, definitely try Dawn. My BFF used to use that to get theater make up stains out of her clothes!
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