Cleaning inside a coach bag

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  1. Hi there

    Anyone have hints on what the best and most effective way of cleaning the inside of a coach bag would be? Unfortunately, I have some pen stains... on the lining...grrrr.
  2. Hmm.....

    well im not an expert but i can tell you what helped my 2 fendi bags & a few pairs of shoes.

    i used my upholster cleaner (carpet cleaner steam vac) ,lol !

    i dont know if coach items can handle it .

    i would love some feedback on my suggestion because i dont want to steer you the wrong way. Please wait for some feedback before you try this !!

  3. gosh pen stain is gonna be tough. but if the cotton linning is not attached to the bag, maybe you can lift it up, dab alittle soap on it, just use a wet cloth and gently wipe it off. it is gonna take time. i have removed pen stains in my LV bag (suede linning) with WD40 oil and it worked. i am not sure about coach bags though.
  4. I have used Lestoil & a brush on the satiny signature linings. It does have a cleaning odor though.
  5. i would just say water and mild soap...maybe baby wipes? those seem to do miracles on the outsides of purses!
  6. I'd suggest the same thing. Usually mine just gets some fuzz and dust in it so I just take a piece of tape and run it over the lining. For stains, start off with the water and mild soap.
  7. great post, i agree.
  8. I had an ink disaster with a leather coach bag too. I pulled the unattached lining out to work on it, and got most, but not all of it out using rubbing alcohol. In desperation, I used it on the leather too, and used an eraser designed to be used on suede, to rub off some of the ink stain. I knew I might damage the leather, but had nothing to lose. After much toil, it was vastly improved but still not fit for public display. I then took it to a shoe repair shop, and the guy sold me some tinted stuff to treat it with. I followed his instructions, and now it looks pretty much normal. Not perfect, but unnoticeable.
  9. I had a disaster with ink in a coach that had no lining. So I started using plastic bags used for travel. Goody makes a set of 4 in different sizes.You can pick them up at the drugstore in the travel section. It protects your bag and you can find your stuff faster !
  10. I have the metallic pewter Julia shoulder bag from Coach. I had a NIPS candy in my purse and it melted all over the inside (the lining-which is not metallic, it's a regular lining) of the purse and on my wallet. I used the Oxi Clean spray and a soft cotton cleaning cloth. I sprayed the Oxi Clean on the gooey stain and after a few minutes of spraying and rubbing, the entire gooey stain was removed!:yahoo:
  11. i got ink out of a bag just by using a wet rag and a little tide.

    Guess some of these babies are back from the dead!
  13. I have always been able to get the pen and other stains out with spray n wash or Shout.
  14. I've used alcohol on a q-tip. Just pull the lining out and rub off the stains. It takes some time, but I got out quite a mess out of a beautiful pink patent Zoe! Make sure to let it dry well before inverting it back into the purse!