Scarves Cleaning Hermès Scarves

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  1. Thank you so much for this tip! I've washed a lot of my scarves in tap water recently but only once. I will make sure to get distilled water from now on!
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  2. That’s great info! Will try it next time!:flowers:
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  3. Here's an update on my experiments to try to rid a silk twill scarf of a heavy perfume smell.

    I mentioned in an earlier post that I had hand-washed the scarf and aired it out for several weeks but the smell didn't fade. I had washed it in Era detergent, which is not recommended for silk as detergents can weaken silk fibers. Orvus paste is what you want to use. But Era contains anti-surfuctants which in my experience pull out stains and smells so I thought I'd give it a shot. Alas, it didn't pull out the perfume despite pre-soaking the area in Era.

    So next I made a special scarf de-odorizer with baking soda, activated charcoal and a takeout dish. I've posted photos below. Basically what I did was take a plastic takeout dish devoid of food residue of course (restaurants will sometimes give you extra dishes for free) and widened the steam holes in the lid. I also cut a large square in the center of the lid to hold the perfume-smelly section of the scarf. I used a poultry sheers to cut. In the bottom of the dish I spread an inch of baking soda with a bunch of emptied capsules of activated charcoal. Then I draped the scarf into the lid so the perfume-drenched portion sat about an inch or two above the baking soda/charcoal but was in no danger of touching it. Activated charcoal powder leaves a black stain on anything it touches.

    I wrapped the whole thing loosely in a plastic bag and set it on a high file cabinet far from calamity and the possibility of spilling. I let it sit for a week.

    Alas, at the end of the week the perfume smell was still strong on the corner of the scarf that had been sitting above the baking soda/charcoal. It hadn't dissipated at all. Worse, some of the charcoal appeared to have levitated onto the scarf (!!!! :confused1: ) and there were now black smudges on the scarf! :amazed:

    So back to the detergent and hand-washing. This time I rinsed the scarf in a basin of water with 1/4 cup vinegar as others have suggested. After the vinegar rinse I did two just-water rinses. Voila! The perfume stench is now gone! :happydance:

    So the lesson is....skip the baking soda and activated charcoal and go straight to the vinegar rinse to get rid of a perfume smell.

    IMG_0552.JPG IMG_0553.JPG
  4. Thank you, brave soul!
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  5. Wow! I’m impressed with your tenacity! And now you have both a non-smelly scarf and the iron clad assurance that that scarf is colorfast! Now I’d love to see a nice modelling shot of your scarf, all pressed and in it’s former beauty! Well done!
  6. Thank you! But it's not a Hermes scarf so I don't think I'm allowed to post a pic here. ;)

    That vinegar rinse appears to be magic for removing smells. The other day I pulled out a barn jacket I'd had hanging in the basement for years. It smelled kinda mildewy. I tossed it in the washer with a cup of vinegar and voila! No more mildew smell. Thanks to all who suggested vinegar!
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  7. Does anyone know a way to wash an Hermes silk scarf so that it turns out like one of the new Wash scarves? I have several of the new “wash feel” scarves and was curious about how they achieve that feel.
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  8. Hi, all! Wanted to share something in case someone might find it useful.

    I have a vintage Proues that I picked up at a consignment store some time ago for a very good price. It had a stain on its white border; it wasn’t too noticeable, but it was definitely there. It seemed like it was an ink stain; it was around 2cm x 2cm (just under an inch each dimension), so quite sizable. I laundered the scarf when I got it, and the stain was not coming out; the scarf is perfect otherwise. I have worn it a couple times as a head scarf in the rain, which is my go-to for older vintage imperfect scarves.

    Yesterday, I was going through some scarves to see if any need laundering, and I decided to try something. I used Oxy Clean gel on the stain and let it dry overnight. Today, it was completely gone! 100% fully gone.

    Several reasons I decided to try the gel:

    * The border was white, so I wasn’t worried about lifting the color (I would most certainly not recommend it otherwise)
    * The gel allowes for easily controlling the application vs an Oxy Clean soak or even an Oxy Clean spray. It stays put on the stain and doesn’t migrate to the surrounding areas.
    * I used the gel multiple times before on my white silk blouses without any disastrous effects.

    Once again, this was a vintage scarf to which I wasn’t too attached, and the part I treated was white, so no risk of ruining the dye. This is a fairly risky thing to try as Oxy Clean is a strong chemical treatment, but perhaps it will come in handy for someone else one day.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph the stain before, but I am attaching the after. You are just going to have to believe me there used to be a large stain there :smile:

    Attached Files:

  9. I have always used The Laundress delicates wash to hand-wash my 90cm silks. Recently, though, I bought a bottle of the Nordstrom unscented delicates wash. Not for my silk scarves, just for underwear and other delicates. But the bottle says it works for silk.
    Anyone here have good or bad experience using this product on H scarves? :tup: :tdown: :tup: :tdown:
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  10. OMG, Please help! My Grail Scarf has a foundation stain on it. I try to hand wash with dishwasher detergent as many of you suggest but it would not fade. Should I turn it to a professional to take care of it? It is beautiful when hanging loose. I love it.

    Attached Files:

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  11. This may cause some aficionados to blanch, but I have had great success with un-scented Baby wipes, dabbed lightly on the surface of the scarf, I learned this from professional costume and wardrobe folk in the film industry. Unscented baby wipes are astonishingly effective at getting makeup stains off any fabric...and they don’t leave watermarks. I have tried it on makeup smears on my Hermes scarves and it works a charm...
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  12. :heart: off to buy an unscented baby wipes now:hugs:
  13. Hi, it’s not dishwasher detergent (don’t use dishwasher detergent! ) it’s specifically Dawn dish soap. The liquid for hand washing dishes. I started using it on foundation and food stains when I read that’s what they use to clean the birds affected by oil spills, and after so many scarfie recommendations.
  14. i wash all the foundation on the surface out, but the back still see the darkness mark from my sweating( or by the way I folded the scarf). Do I leave it alone or try to do something else ? when I wear , the mark won't show thou.
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  15. I just don’t know dear. :confused1: It’s so hard to say without seeing it. It sounds as if your scarf is lightfast, so that’s good, but you don’t want to overdue it either, and cause it to fade or pill. If you can’t see the stain when you wear it, it might be better to leave it alone for now until you are ready to wash the scarf in the future.
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