Scarves Cleaning Hermès Scarves

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  1. We have culligan service. Is that water OK to us? Does anyone have an opinion? Also in CA, does everyone order Le blanc online or have a source instate because shipping is from Alabama. And one last, Do the CA people use something else because of the shipping of le blanc? TIA
  2. Hi sweetie, I know I've bought it in a boutique in LA but not for years. I think it was a lingerie store.. I'll try to get an in-city source. :search:
  3. I always wonder/worry that cleaners will stick a tag or pins through the silk so, I am a DIY washer woman

  4. Thats weird...the website directs you to alabama if you are in california!

    I get mine from dreamsacks in oregon (no tax).

    and, because I love ashland, and this place is a little store in ashland...

    OK, I'm sentimental.....

    Does culligan get the chlorine out of your water? I
  5. ^ I will check everything out about the clorine before I do it to it! :tup:I think letting water sit (full in the tub say for ?) causes the clorine to dissapate on it's own. I really need to see what the levels of clorine are in my town if that is possible to do somehow. The water tastes OK though.:lol:
  6. Hi I found this thread through a search on cleaning a Hermes Scarf. Of course, I knew that this is THE source. I just got my first Hermes purchased on ebay and authenticated on the Hermes thread here and was told it was unworn??? Three albeit smallish spots - possibly oily. Anguish! I am so afraid to wash it. Has anyone ever used a CO2 dry cleaner (eco friendly)? Saw the thread on the special wash from dreamsaks... Has anyone done a spot clean or do you suggest a complete wash? I have emailed the seller who seems to be reputable and am waiting for a response...
  7. I've done a spot clean of oily stains using Goddard's Dry Spot and Stain remover (in the blue can). Good luck!
  8. Hello,
    I can not speak to washing an Hermes cashmere scarf, but I can tell you that the Nordstrom brand lingerie wash makes my cashmere sweaters softer than when new with no color problems. In a really goooood way. A lovely saleswoman told me that Woolite can be very harsh on skin, and I tried the Nordstrom brand with fabulous results. I never dryclean my cashmere sweaters anymore (or socks either). Dry flat on a towel. Hope this is okay to share here.
  9. I decided to wash my scarf today. Previously I had sent it to the dry-cleaners and it came back ironed-to-death, included flat hems. Not good.

    I bought Lux Soap Flakes from the supermarket. It said for silks and delicate fabrics. Dissolved some soap flakes in a bucket using boilng water. Than I added cold water. Put the scarf in and swished it around for 5mins, whilst watching the clock. When I poured the water away, there was only a very faint tint of colour. I had expected it to run like crazy. Continued to rinse the scarf in fresh cold water 3 times. Than carefully rolled it between a towel to get rid of creases and water. Left it to dry flat.

    Turned out fine. Looks like Hermes scarves are pretty durable. This is much better as opposed to dry cleaning.
  10. Intersting to see this thread...

    I came home yesterday seeing my Hermes scarf on the drying rack. Rushed out and found it all wet. My stupid maid saw it sitting next to my bag and took the liberty of "machine-wash" it along with my other cashmere shawl. The colors of the shawl ran but amazingly the Hermes scarf survived...:tup:
  11. ^ I would be absolutly furious. Ahhh, but glad the Hermés scarf turned out well
  12. FIRE HER!!:censor:
  13. If anything like that happened to my Hermes cashmere shawl, I don't like to think what I might do to the person responsible!!!! She'd have to work for me many months for free to reimburse me for the loss (assuming I hadn't killed her at the time I discovered what had happened!!!!).
  14. Ah! my heart is going pitter patter so quickly right now! I have the mental image of a cashmere shawl being shoved into a washing machine and it's just too much to take!:sad: At least she didn't shrink it to Barbie size in the dryer! Scarf too, hot dryer Oy!
  15. Can I ask you ladies what kind of detergent you use for scarfs? I think someone said Woolite or Dreft. But then comes my question. Which kind of woolite and Draft? The ones for colors or not?