Scarves Cleaning Hermès Scarves

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  1. I am about to cry. I was just folding my favorite scarf to put it away and saw that it has a stain on it. I do not know where it came from, I am usually very careful, and I don't know what to do. I have heard that it is not good to send your scarves to the dry cleaners. Can anyone tell me how to clean my scarf? I am so upset about this.
  2. Handwash with cold water and some mild soap, let drip dry. Use a low heat iron press and avoid iorning the hems! They have to stay round.
  3. Call your boutique. Our store will send it out to a cleaner for customers. Or they may recommend a good one to you. Just be careful when picking a cleaner, most of them will smash those hems flat.
  4. Yes, very true!!! I use woollite to clean everything.
  5. Thank you Baggaholic , I ran upstairs immediately after you answered and cleaned my scarf with some Woolite. The stain is gone and the scarf seems OK. It is on a towel on the drying rack. Thank you again for your quick reply. :flowers:

    Thank you too HG, I am so impatient I wouldn't have been able wait for the store to open tomorrow. I would be awake all night thinking about that stain.
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  6. I'm glad I could help!!.

    Let me give you some advise, try not to wear your scarf when it rains, I've read that it can damage the scarf.
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  7. I'm not sure they recommend that you wash Hermes silk. I had a card in my Hermes scarf box that said that you should not wash or get the scarf wet, and to dry clean it.

    Also, I have a ten year old Hermes scarf that has been dry cleaned about 4 times and it looks almost new.
  8. Hermes actually used to do rain proof scarves - can you imagine???

    Bagg is right, rain will damage the silk scarves - I send mint to a dry cleaner recommended by the boutique - they don't press the hems, and they put the "folds" back in exactly (important if you're collecting AND using them!!).

    I'm dreading wearing my new white H scarf - imagine what makeup will look like on THAT - UGH!!!!!
  9. I asked my SA and she said handwashing was okay as long as it wasn't in the washer.
  10. I reckon handwashing is probably more gentle than dry-cleaning.
  11. I was wondering the exact same thing - didn't want to send them to the dry cleaners and my SA said to.

    I think Kristie's exactly right - hand washing is probably less caustic than dry cleaning. They probably just suggest it to avoid liability - good to know someone's had good luck washing them - maybe I won't be scared to wear them after all!
  12. style - you've got to wear them!! they're works of art!!!!
  13. LOL - but I'm scared to! They're so pretty just sitting there - I liked the "framing" thread idea a few days ago. WEAR them? That's just crazy talk!:nuts:

    Just kidding.......(maybe)....... but are you going to wear your new white H one? One nice gust of wind = lipgloss.......... (sorry;))
  14. You're absolutely right, but I'm willing to risk it.........!!
  15. I sent mine to my drycleaner's but she didn't iron the hems back in, which I need to ask of her the next time.

    I think you can either dry clean them or handwash them with gentle soap and flat dry them.