Cleaning handles on Azur Speedy 30

  1. wife has already dirtied the handles on her 4 day old bag. She has some ink, from the newspaper, I don't think too much on the handles. What is the best way to clean them.

    Haven't done kiwi, AG or Shining Monkey yet.

    Thank you.
  2. try the appleguarde leather cleaner. I had small ink mark on the azur handle and it was totally erased. Good luck
    I sprayed it with rain and stain repellant before the stain.
  3. I just marked my fabric bag with an ink pen yesterday. Was ready to kick myself. Luckily I had some lingerie cleaner and it worked like a charm. This really got me thinking about naked vachetta. I'm ready to invest in the Apple Guarde line of cleaners, moisterizers, and protective repellents too. Hope some of the more knowledgeable PFers will be able to help you out with your wife's bag. Good luck!