Cleaning handles of Speedy

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  1. Do you clean the handles of your Speedy or other LV items? I have had my Speedy for a couple of years and carry it regularly. It's got a fantastic patina but I don't want it go get too dark too quickly in the areas where my hands have touched it.

    Any advice?

    Thanks all!
  2. Use apple conditioner on your leather parts. You can order it from It looks really good. It cleans them slightly and keeps them soft and prevents cracking. It's not too expensive, either.
  3. I've read that if you tie a fun scarf around the handle so your hand doesn't directly touch the leather, it'll keep it from getting too dirty/dark. (I know I've read this either here or on myspace, so whoever's idea it was, I hope you're okay with me sharing it)
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