cleaning H bags at home

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  1. My bag is starting to look a little grubby....probably makeup rubbing off onto it (wish it would just stay on my face where it belongs!). what can I do at home to clean canvas? I don't want to risk ruining it, but its not anywhere needing a spa treatment yet. I figured you would know..

    also, is there anything I can do for vibrato? I don't have an eraser for it and there's a small spot where it rubbed against my new jeans.
  2. OK, you're probably gonna freak, but this is what I did to my Herbag canvas....

    It had a long dark mark along the back from my dark jeans, so I got a new toothbrush, dissolved some Lux soap flakes in hot water, added warm water to cool (you have to dissolve the flakes in hot)...then scrubbed the mark with the toothbrush (gently at first, but then I got a bit more adventurous). Then I dabbed it dry with a white towel...rinsed it by dripping water on the canvas from my hands (ie: didn't stick it under the tap or submerge it!). The left it to air dry with a towel stuffed inside it. It looks brand new - no kidding! BRAND NEW!!
  3. oh? and the vibrato? I'd get the eraser.....I don't know if I'd try anything else on vibrato.
  4. I've done the same thing...except with baby shampoo. Always start with the mildest detergent possible and work your way up.

    Rinse with cold. I just put some water in a cup, kept a towl underneath, and blotted dry with a paper towel as I went along.

    I've used oxyclean as well....but very carefully..
  5. thanks so much! I actually thought about a toothbrush, but didn't want to do that without the suggestion, ya know?

    how do I get an eraser? If I call a store up will they let me just buy one? How much are they? It was supposed to come with the bag, right? I don't want to ell them I bought on bluefly...should I just tell them I lost it or something?
  6. Yep,

    Call and ask for an eraser. They won't ask where you got the bag.
  7. They should send you one out for free.
  8. they have an eraser especially for their handbags? omg! you learn something new nearly every time on this forum.
  9. My vibrato Birkins came with their own erasers. Didn't you get one when you bought your vibrato bag? If you don't have one, why don't you give a call to Hermes if they sell erasers for vibrato leather separately? I think Hermes should have some spare ones for vibrato owners...:shrugs: :rolleyes:
  10. oh, it's only for vibrato? silly me, that explains it.
  11. While we're talking about cleaning H bags at home ... how do you clean the bird bags?
  12. Just posted this under another thread, but Magic Eraser sponge works on toile.
    I have a vintage toile bag that came to me with just age dirt and I cleaned it with Bissel spot carpet cleaner and a toothbrush. It looks great.
    I figure I have been cleaning and polishing the stuff in my house for years, why not my bags?
  13. i'm trying to clean the insides of my toile garden party, nothing seems to work. i'm trying to get rid of some penmarks and pink highlighter marks and general dirt marks. it's starting to look rather scruffy....:yucky:

    i've brought it to the craftsman and he says he can't clean the insides up because there is a "plasticky" lining on the insides. he would only be able to clean the outside of the bag, which is the normal fabric portion....

    i tried using cetaphil and normal body soap......maybe i should try baby shampoo next....

    any help would be grateful....
  14. ^You could try Woolite or Vanish carpet cleaner, it's an oxy-based product. I know people who clean their silk scarves with it (I have done that too, works great). Protect the leather with a towel, and then spray the inside, let sit for ten minutes or so and then wipe with a wet towel. That's what I would do.
  15. Yeah, Vanish should do the trick if anything will. The canvas fabric for my Herbag is black but does show dust ( I confess that it is so integral a part of my life it just gets chucked about the house and has to be tough to survive). A bit of Stergene and warm water gets the rubbish off it. My problem is loss of pigment on the spot where I overstuffed the bag. I keep wondering whether a spot of boot polish might help but I just don't dare! Apparently replacement sacs for the Herbag are becoming harder to find. If they would reissue them in a year or so's time in funky colours and with leather corner protectors these things would continue to look lovely and last forever. They did promise us an evolutionary handbag...sigh.