Cleaning Gucci

  1. HELP!!! Does anyone kno how to clean the gucci canvas? I want to take it to the dry cleaners but Gucci SA told me that would ruin it. I pretty much need the whole bag to be cleaned, inside and out. I have 2 giant Gucci's I used as diaper bags. One is tan and the other is black. The SA told me to take a toothbrush and soap and water and gently scrub the canvas. But I'm not spot cleaning!!!!! I need to do the WHOLE bag!!! Any suggestions??????? Will dry cleaning really ruin the bag? Your talking to a person that washes her Prada nylon messenger in the washer!!!!! :wacko: Thanks!
  2. that's good question, I'd like to know too! I have a couple of vintage gucci's that could use a little cleaning
  3. Hmmm, I don't know! It'll be interesting to see some replies!
    I wash my Kate Spade diaper bag on hand wash in my washer!
  4. Ask the SA again that you don't need it spot cleaned but rather the whole bag cleaned and see what they say. ...?
  5. I would recommend contacting a dry cleaner that has experience in cleaning things like designer purses. I'd ask your local high-end boutiques or department stores for recommendations.

    You could also give this dry cleaner a call:

    I know they've got an amazing reputation and they should be able to let you know if they can clean your bag. Doesn't hurt to give them a ring!
  6. Thanks Wickedassin, I just sent them an email. I'll let everyone kno what they say!!!
  7. Gucci Canvas Is A Hard One.....High End Cleaners Can Do Just About Anything!
  8. I think gucci can take it back and clean the entire canvas of the bag for $50.
  9. Purse cleaning is not something to be left to the average dry cleaners. Purses are not designed necessarily with cleaning in mind. I am from Margaret's Cleaners in San Diego and Orange County. We clean about 2000 purses a year and it has become one of the specialty services we offer. We are the dry cleaner for Gucci, Hermes, Giorgio Armani and about 80 other fine retailers in Southern California, Las Vegas and Hawaii.

    For those of you with couture purses that need a face lift shipping your purse directly to us in La Jolla is probably your best option.
  10. Oh wow, I just might have to use them for some of my suede handbags.

    Now, in addition to cleaning Gucci, can a tear in the canvas be fixed? I have a Gucci shoulder bag/messenger in the black Jacquard fabric and there is a tear in in the fabric. Does Gucci fix items in that condition?
  11. So glad you posted an answer Chuck! I live in SD and referred people to you, even though I've NEVER used your services b/c I've heard so many raves!
  12. Thanks for posting Margarets Cleaners! I have a friend who wants to clean her Gucci purse - I'll pass on this info to her.

    I'm usually careful with my Gucci hobo but it's nice to know that there's a vendor who's specialty is bags. :biggrin:
  13. I took my Gucci and a vintage Fendi to Neiman Marcus. For a fee of $50 for each bag, they did a terrific job. The 10-year-old black Gucci canvas looked like new! :nuts: The 6-8 weeks waiting was the only downside, but worth it.

    BTW, I put my Prada Nylon bag in the washer as well. :shame:
  14. I made the mistake of carrying my larger bucket style bag with some brand new dark denim jeans. The dye rubbed off. I called Gucci and they said they could clean it but I never took it. I think the dye just rubbed off on whatever I wore next b/c I don't really notice it now. :weird:
  15. GloriaJK Whoch Neiman did you go to? I finally got off my lazy butt and went to the San Francisco one and the SA said that they have never done that and even asked where I got the information!!!!