Cleaning Epi

  1. I just bought a yellow epi noe on ebay. When it arrives I want to clean it. Can anyone tell me how to properly clean an epi bag without ruining it. Thanks!
  2. Apple Leather Care or Leather CPR for the leather. If the interior needs to be spot cleaned, pull the lining inside out, and clean with a cloth lightly dampened with a mixture of Woolite and water. Don't get the alcantara wet, just slightly damp to remove the surface dirt. Smooth the lining back in place after the alcantara is dry.

    Congratulations on the yellow epi - it's very pretty with the stunning purple lining.:love:

  3. I use a white rubber eraser to clean my epi leather.
  4. wow, i've never heard this but i will have to try this next time I buy a used epi piece.

    I usually just use a leather conditioner, the one I bought at Nordstrom for leather shoes and boots, and it cleans quite well as the epi is very resistant. I just scrub it in with a soft cloth and use a good amount of pressure on the dirty areas and it came right out. I don't think you can really go wrong cleaning epi leather...good thing. And the conditioner gave it a smooth finish and shine. Good luck with yours!!!
  5. Thanks everyone. I can't wait for this bag to arrive. I'll be sure to post pics (if I can figure out how to):biggrin:
  6. :heart: this site:heart:
    should I treat Epi with any kind of weather protector or leave it be? Has anybody heard of the color rubbing off onto your clothes? Just wondering before I take my new bag out for a spin? I wouldn't want anything to hurt her:love: the pretty colors, mine is red.
  7. Excellent thread! I was wondering how to clean my epi french wallet and found this thread :heart:3
  8. I just use my baby wipes!!!:lol:
  9. so far, epi leather doesnt rub off on clothes.. BUT my blue jeans did rub off on my mandarin epi-- argh!!! hate it. I cleaned it with magic eraser....
  10. OMG--this just happened to my mandarin bag this weekend! I was so upset--I was wearing new jeans in a very dark denim and I found a smudge along the side of the bag where it would have rubbed against my hip. :sad:

    The color came off the leather easily with a damp cloth BUT . . . I can't figure out how to get the threads clean. Does anyone have any advice on how to clean the stitches? I tried a cotton swab with a little woolite on it, but that didn't seem to help . . .