Cleaning Epi Leather

Sep 14, 2006
I know this story sounds crazy, but (incredibly) it's true...

My fiancee lost his mandarin epi wallet weeks ago. I was about to buy him a replacement because he loved it so much when we found it.

Here's the part that's hard to believe - we found it in a squirrel's nest in a tree in our front yard (clearly not very high up)! Clearly the little booger has great taste, but he probably couldn't carry it and it looks like he dragged it along the ground and up the tree because it's pretty dirty looking. Is it possible to clean the exterior of the LV Epi leather without hurting it? I know it won't be perfect and don't expect that without a professional cleaning.

All your help is appreciated!


Feb 8, 2009
Oh wow that squirrel has good taste. Since Epi is all leather you might have luck with Apple Leather Cleaner. Would loved to have seen a squirrel dragging an Epi wallet across the yard :lol: