Cleaning Dirty Vachetta?

  1. So, upon returning home from my vacation, I learned that my final check from work had been deposited (I'm quitting to go back to school) and it was DOUBLE what I had anticipated!! The extra money left me enough to pay off all my credit card debt and leave me with money left over.

    To celebrate surviving my first year of teaching and now being debt free, I purchased my dream handbag, a Lavender Bedford (direct bank transfer -- haha, no more debt for me again!). This is the bag that made me LOVE LV. It is still in pretty good condition (best I've seen -- no yellow!), but the handles are a bit dirty. How should I go about cleaning them? I remember something about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but I forget what to do.

    I don't really even care if they clean up, I'm so excited! :yahoo:I was searching ebay just for the hell of it and found it. I've only seen a few better than this (I've been searching since DECEMBER!) and they've gone for twice as much. Here is the link to see the handles.
  2. i love the vachetta on that piece!
  3. Gorgeous lavender piece!
  4. Wow..Congrats..I was thinking to get that bag from let-trade...
    It's beautiful..

    To be honest I like the patina on that bag..
  5. The patina on that bag is perfect IMO... I hope I can get my speedy to that point without the handles getting ridiculously dirty.

    Congrats on your new bag! It's a beauty. :love:
  6. Beautiful patina. I would let it go and not try to clean it with anything.
  7. I LOVE the lavender! IMO the patina looks great...
  8. What's up with the patina, that bag is hardly 3 years old? IMO, I would just condition the vachetta, since the patina is not that bad, quite even. That's all I would do.

  9. I love the bedford with the patina on it.
  10. The thing with Mr. Clean is that it dulls the handles after you use it.

    I would leave it too.
    It's not dirty, it's just a little aged and it looks beautiful.
  11. I love it congrats
  12. Gently clean with Apple Leather Conditioner. Congrats on being debt-free and a new gorgeous bag!
  13. Yeah, I loooove the patina on it, the handles just seem to have a bit of dirt on them. I guess I'll have to inspect when it gets here.
  14. Hi anotheremptysky, congratulations on your purchase!
    I suggest ME only for hopeless dirty handles that you plan on replacing in the future. ME strips the top layer of the Leather leaving it more susceptible to picking up dirt as well as very dry and thus needs plenty of conditioning. So you should use ME only as a last alternative.

    Most leather cleaners, such as Wilson Leather, Apple Garde, and Leather CPR, darken the Vachetta a bit but at least takes away dirt and waterspots. The conditioners don't darken but then again it is not as effective in cleaning. As your bag doesn't have any, I agree with the rest, leave it as it is. It looks great like that.
  15. I love the color, it really is a beautiful bag...congratulations!