cleaning denim

  1. My daughter just recieved her denim pleaty from authentic_lvlady. (moth ball smell very faint, will be gone in no time!)
    She got a great deal, only 599.00USD buit the bag has a slightly dirty look to it. Not a spot but overall. She could live with it as it's not too bad at all but I would like to clean it if I could.
    Anyone one have any ideas?
  2. You can try alcohol-free baby wipes! They work great! Good luck!
  3. Wow I dunno bling. Mine hasn't gotten dirty yet. I hate to hear that. Maybe it gives it a vintage-y feel that's in now tho? lol

    Keep us updated on the tracking of ursala too!
  4. i'm getting a LV denim pouch do they get dirty easily?
  5. this one was bought used so I don't know what it went through with its first owner. It really isn't bad, the condition is actually quite good but I think it could be better.
    Does anyone know if LV will clean a bag if you send it in for service?