Cleaning D&B signature fabric

  1. I've never owned a Dooney & Bourke handbag, but my friend recently purchased one. It's her very first *designer* handbag. I expected her to treat it with kidd gloves, but not everyone is as crazy as me about their handbags.:rolleyes:

    Anyway, this question is posted for her. Her satchel is a light butter yellow signature fabric with natural leather trim/handles. I recommended Apple products for the leather parts since that is what I use on my bags. What is the best way to clean the fabric?
  2. Good question! I have a signature/AWL trim backpack in cream and it has a bit of color transfer on the back fabric.
  3. Several years ago I bought a pale blue signature fabric bag at a Dooney outlet. There was a black mark on the back, I could not tell what it was.
    I used a washcloth and a little bit of Dove dishwashing liquid and water on the spot. It came right off.
    I would think any mild, clear detergent , a very small amount, and rinsed with water.
  4. I generally spot-clean my taupe colored signature fabric bag, and spots and stains easily come out. I just wet the corner of a white towel, and dab it on a bit of bar soap or put a drop of mild hand soap on it, and rub/blot the spot gently. I find this line VERY easy to keep clean!
  5. Great! That sounds simple enough -- mild soap and water spot clean. Since I had never tried it myself, I wanted to ask you all first. :tup:
  6. I found a used light green signature bag and nearly soaked it as it was quite grimy. I turned it inside out to get the gunkies out of the inside, made sure to rinse the dishwashing soap+water well out and hung it to dry. The leather was beautifully patinaed and I don't see any water spots. There is cardboard stiffening the bottom so a complete dunk is absolutely out.

    Now can it be scotch garded to protect against dirt and liquids?
  7. I have a signature tote bag in Taupe, I purchased for 6dls was not all that clean, so I sprayed loads of spray and wash all over left it on for like a whole day, then next day I rinsed it off, and scrubed at some parts with a toothbrush. It came out looking better, but I think maybe I should have spot cleaned rather than soaked it, lol..but it did clean it.
  8. I just bought a new signature bag and the lady at Macy's told me to use a baby wipe and they are easy to keep clean.
  9. I was also told a baby wipe.