cleaning color transfer on mahina

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  1. I recently got some light color transfer on my mahina.
    I had a new black coated denim jacket and you know what happens next...
    I cleaned the color transfer with baby wipes and pencil eraser (one of those pink ones -papermate pink pearl) and I dried it with the cloth I use for glasses. I kept doing those 3 until the mark got significantly lighter. pretty much gone.
    just wanted to share to anyone who's having troubles.
    hope this helps.

    here's the before photo. this is already after baby wipes and I thought I ruined it.

    here's the after. tada!
  2. wow you're brave. i would of been scared bc its leather. glad it worked out and your mahina looks new again.
  3. Is there a specific brand of baby wipes we should use? Would it work on DA canvas?
  4. I just use huggies baby wipes.
    yes, that happened on my azur nf. it didn't take the stain out right away, but as it rubbed on my other clothing, I noticed it went away on its own. I did the same thing as soon as I noticed the color transfer. wipes, eraser, wipes, eraser....
  5. I figured what's the worst that could happen? it's already stained anyway.
    it's a new-to-me mahina and I was frustrated with it when I got it because it had a pen mark that was not disclosed in the description. I eventually got over it. I decided to leave that alone. I had an experience before where the pen mark bled onto the rest of the bag, it was a disaster. I eventually got over the pen mark and next thing you know, color transfer....
    this is the stress we get for spending so much on purses. lol.
  6. by the way, make sure the eraser is clean.
  7. Wonderful results
    Thanx for sharing