Cleaning Coffee Carafe

  1. I hope this subforum is the right place for this question...

    I need some suggestions on cleaning the insulated coffeepot that goes with my coffeemaker; it is not glass, but insulated steel (keeps the coffee warm without heat under it the whole time). Like a Thermos.

    It has brown coffee grime/stain inside. I have taken a brush and Barkeeper's Friend to it, and SoftScrub too, wiith not a lot of success. Anyone have suggestions on what I can scrub/clean/soak it with to get it clean inside?
  2. If there's a Starbucks nearby, they should sell a coffee urn cleaner in a black box. Some hot water, some scrubbing, and that stuff and you should be set.

    It's a smaller quantity of what they use in-store on their urns- so says my barista.
  3. --Oh great! I'll try it, thanks.
  4. I have heard that vinegar works very well
  5. -I'll try that first, since I don't have to go out and get some, have it right here. Thanks!