Cleaning/Caring for Chanel PATENT Leather.

  1. Help, can anybody tell me the best way to clean patent leather. I have a lemon patent leather Chanel and want to make sure I'm looking after it properly.

    Also does anybody know how to get stains off patent leather????:smile: :girlsigh: :tender:
  2. Well..patent leather is like the Vernis LV line..once it stains, there really isn't a way to get them out. If it's just surface dirt, you can wipe it off with a soft cloth, but if it's actually a stain ON the bag or general grime/darkening of the bag, it won't come out.
  3. Maybe this will help. I started a thread about caring for patent leather in the general "handbags and purses" subforum.

    Wickedassin had some excellent tips. (We both just bought the new Jimmy Choo Ramona & Riki in Bordeaux patent leather.) These were her tips:

    "I did talk to a high-end/expert shoe/leather repair service (Nordstrom and other high-end department stores send shoes and bags to these people for repairs). Anyways, this is what I was told:

    1) When buying patent leather, especially expensive items, go for the dark colored items, i.e. black, dark brown, dark burgundy, etc. The lighter colors such as white, cream, pink will often yellow with exposure to the sun. I guess it's something in the "coating" that changes color with sun exposure.

    2) Use patent leather cleaner to clean patent leather--my local Nordy's carries it in the shoe department.

    3) Do NOT use regular leather moisturizer on patent leather.

    4) Also be careful with what you put the patent leather up against. It can pick up things. Such as if you stick a magazine page on patent leather, the print can transfer on to the leather--which would be PERMANENT!"
  4. Thanks, that's great advice. Hard to find I've looked everywhere, but that really helps, thanks again :yes: :yes:
  5. Hello, I bought this crackled patent lambskin flap bag back in 2005, and I think I should clean it since it's not as shiny as it was. Where can I get a good patent leather cleaner? Any brand you have used and highyl recommend? TIA!!!
    3. Black Crackled Patent Lambskin Flap Bag.jpg
  6. anyone?
  7. wow pretty picture hpanda! did you take that? it looks so nice!

    anyways about your question...I don't know of any cleaners. I was told patent will dull with time esp. if you don't take good care of it. Some things you can try is just wipe it with a wet cloth or try some vaseline if you dare!
  8. no, that's a pic from NM catelog. I am sure I have seen websites selling patent leather care products b4, I just forgot where I saw them...
  9. Nordy's carries the Synovia line of shoe/leather care products. They have a patent leather cleaner. You might want to try a spot treatment of it and see how it works.
  10. Mild soap and water works... my grandma used milk to clean and shine patent leather, her purses and shoes always looked like new. Buff it with a soft cloth like flannel when dry.
  11. I did a google search and found this Patent Leather Cleaner by Esquire. Has anyone used this product?
  12. I have used vasoline on patent shoes before and followed it with a clean, soft cloth.
  13. I think I will 1st try mild soap and warm water; since on the other side of the flap is lambskin, I am too afraid to use patent leather cleaner (esp. spray), I worry that the cleaner is a rather strong solution that when gets on the lambskin side, might ruin my bag.
  14. Let us know how the soap works and which soap you used.
  15. Hi everyone,

    I just got a cute ivory patent clutch off of eBay and while the seller said there were some minor marks on the bag, its actually quite substantial. The marks look like black ink. Does anyone know how I can remove the marks safely? I am so bummed...