Cleaning cambon wallet?

  1. I bought my pink cambon zip purse wallet about a month ago. I am super careful with my things and take excellent care of them. I also bought the pink Cambon med. tote and maybe had it for about 2 weeks now. The wallet is a tight fit in the purse but works. So last night I am cleaning out my wallet and notice black marks on the bottom of the wallet where the fold is. UGH.............I mean it got black marks from just being put in and taken out of the purse????? I never put my wallet down and this seems a bit crazy. So I wonder if there is something I can use to clean it? This will drive me nuts. I think it is strange that it would get dirty from the inside of a new Chanel purse. It's really making me rethink Chanel. These were my first Chanel purchases and it was love:heart: but I am quite disappointed on how this wallet could get black marks on the ends from the purse.
    What should I do?:shocked:
  2. Try Applegarde or WIlson's conditioner to remove the black marks. I used it for my Cambon wallet and it worked.
  3. A previous poster with a blackwhite cambon that had black marks from the handle on the white cc's mentioned using baby wipes, do not know if this will work or not, in the ebay forum, a chanel expert for cleaning suggests connolly hide cleaner and conditioner....have not used it yet, but did order it, and a damp cloth has also been mentioned with a protectant applied forum and ebay forum for chanel cleaning suggestions......