cleaning bulga bags

  1. I have a Bulga in yellow, does anyone know how to clean it, as it gets quited marked with use. thanks.
  2. Hi marina1, I wrote to about a week a go and asked about cleaning/protecting, but no answer yet. Will post when I hear from them.
  3. Hi! I got this email from Bulga in reply to the email I sent

    It would be great if you could send a photo, that way I can make sure you get the right product.
    We have a cleaning/conditioning and protective product made especially for our leather. There is no product that you can use on our leather that won’t stain. We had a leather technician work out a special formula just for us. It is available in 2oz bottles @ $20.00.per bottle.
    We can have a reconstructive ingredient added to the cleaner that can help camouflage cuts and “chaffing” type leather damages.

    The photos will help determine the product we send you.

    Have a great weekend!

    Will reply to her and keep you all posted! Oh just to update, my Bulga has arrived and it has some vintage-y looking parts, which is ok. (AND I LOVE THE LEATHER! IT IS SO SOFT!)

    But there were also 2 small nicks on the handle :hrmm: (as if it got hit with a potato peeler) -- really small like maybe 2 or 3 milimeters but still bugs me a bit. Funny, cause the same thing happened to my Marc Jacobs in shipping. And these are the two softest leathers I have, so I think now that maybe the softer, the more prone to nicks such as this... What do you guys think?

    I attached a photo of the MJ handles, cause I have yet to take the pic of the Bulga. You can see it's really like a slice (albeit a small one and not that deep of course but a slice nonetheless.)
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by vintage-y but I agree that the leather is SO SOFT!!!! I saw the large chocolate brown tote in Barney's and could not believe how soft and fabulous the leather was so I ordered it from AE (with code, of course). This bag has the yummiest leather EVER, so much better than the crappy cognac they came out with earlier. After receiving that bag I said I'd never buy Bulga again. I think they tried to make up for it with this new chocolate.

    Where did you get your bag? As far as the nicks on the handle, definitely contact CS and see if they'll give you a discount. I get SO fed up at receiving imperfect bags that I've paid full price on so I've taken to asking for a discount. Why should we pay full price for a bag that should be marked down?
  5. Cheers.
  6. OMG! I'm so glad I found this thread! I too am in love with bulga leather. it smells and feels great! anyone know how to take off DENIM stains? My bulga has a way of rubbing against my jeans when I walk, and now there's an area with dark blue denim stains! Seems impossible to take off!
  7. I got it from Petticoat Lane ( I will write to them today. The funny thing is, I minded the cut on the MJ more than this one.. I don't know why. I am soooooo :love: with the Bulga bag.
    Bulga Flap Satchel Hazel 1.jpg Bulga Flap Satchel Handle 1.jpg Bulga Flap Satchel Handle 2.jpg Bulga Flap Satchel Handle 3.jpg Bulga Flap Satchel Back 2.jpg
  8. Hi didi78, the email from bulga said that their cleaner is amazing, and that it even takes dye transfer stains off (that might be what happened to yours). You might want to write to them, they are very friendly.
  9. thank you!

  10. gorgeous flap bag! I just got the hazel crescent bag, love it!
  11. I also have a yellow Bulga, and wrote to Bulga to find out how to clean it. Here's what they told me:

    Dear Kathy,

    Thank you for your interest in Bulga Handbags. We are in the end stages of the development of leather conditioner that has been specially designed for the type of leather used for Bulga bags. At the moment it is not available on the market. However, we have professional leather cleaning service that will be able to help you with cleaning of your Bulga bag.

    Please, let me know if I can be of any further assistance and arrange the cleaning for you.

    Thank you,

    Frank Mikolaj
    P: (212) 334-9119
    F: (646) 473-1638
  12. Hi all. Update from bulga -- they referred me to Has anyone tried their product?
  13. Update guys, said that the condition of the bag is usual, it's meant to have a vintage feel. They didn't reply to the mention of the nicks on the handle, but they offerred a 20 refund which I took and they processed immediately.

    I sent to remark to and they said yes, the streaks/marks may be normal, but naturally, not the nicks.

    Overall, good price, cause it was on sale already. So, not bad CS from, I think.

    Hey, KathyK, can I ask a favour? Can you email Frank and ask him about the leather cleaner from which is what someone else from recommended to me... A bit odd that they are saying different things...
  14. Update! I ordered apple care/conditioner and spray from leatherstuff and finally got it yesterday (*grumble grumble overseas shipping charges* and *grumble grumble customs duties etc *)..

    I applied the apple care to the bag very sparingly and buffed the streaky marks (in the earlier pics!). Now they're gone!!! Well, the conditioner will still dry I suppose, and who knows, it may go back to how it was.. but it looks a lot better now. I am going to bravely try the spray after this dries.

    Here are some before and after pics.. (oh looks like I placed them after and before, in that order!)
    IMG_0015.jpg IMG_0023.jpg
  15. hey guys, i know it's a late post, but I just cleaned both of my bulga bags with Apple Garde conditioner, and then I sprayed it with apple garde protective spray and both bags look LIKE NEW! I was even able to get some of the color-transfer, denim stain out of my's not perfect but it's alot better!