Cleaning and Protecting Your Mulberry

  1. I got caught in the rain today and there are some water stains on my brand new Mulberry Bayswater. I'm really scared and not sure how to get it out!! Any help is very much appreciated!!!!
  2. This happened to a friend of mine, she got drops of water on her green Roxanne and they left these brown spots. She took the bag to a cobbler who cleaned it, but that made the darwin leather "age" pretty significantly. She didn't really mind since she was looking forward to the patina forming, anyway, but it was a bit of a scare.
    What type of leather is your Bayswater? If it's darwin, you might be able to do the same thing a friend of mine did.
  3. I have the same problem with my oak Roxanne - Do I have to take it to a shoe repair place? I was thinking of using appleguard leather cleaner and condiitoner - although it's tricky with all those buckles - has anyone had success in this area?
  4. Does anyone know how I am meant to treat my mulberry leather bag (in Oak). I have so far avoided taking it out into the rain but is there any way to protect it from water stains?:sweatdrop:

    Should I just spray it with the usual leather protector?:shrugs:

    All advice appreciated,

  5. Mulberry recommend collonil waterstop spray in neutral. I've used that on my oak annie without any problems!
  6. ^^ Totally agree - if you phone Mulberry that is the only product they recommend:smile:
  7. Mulberry also supplies a leather care cream. If you ring their Shepton Mallet HQ you can get it from them. They used to give a little pot with every bag.
  8. Thank you ladies :smile: Jus found some online and ordered it, yay!No marks for roxanne!
  9. Apparently that leather cream is not recommended for Darwin leather - it is only to be used for Congo and other leathers. The only reason I know is that I requested a pot for my Bayswater and this is what they said and again reiterated that collonil is the only product they recommend:yes:
  10. Would the collonil be too harsh for my joni?
  11. I used a water repellent from my local shoe store on my Oak Rosemary, and it has worked fine.
  12. The joni is nappa leather isnt it? If so it would be fine - I used it on my black araline after emailing mulberry to check. :yes:
  13. i know this is an old thread but i thought I'd share with you a conversation i had with the Mulberry SA at selfridges ( London). apparently if there is a water stain on your darwin leather if you bend and kind of squeeze the leather it will help disperse the water and improve the appearance of the stain!!! I've never tried it so have no idea if it works!
  14. Thanks for the tip!

    For future reference, if you get a water stain on your new Mulberry, don't panic! This happened to me the second day after I got a brand new tooled Bayswater, and in trying to get it out I made it worse. I thought I would cry, but now I've just accepted it as part of the character of the bag.

    The Darwin leather is of a type that if you apply any creams or cleansers to it it will make it darker. So, while you or a cobbler may be able to treat the leather to make the water spot less noticeable, the color of your bag will also darken a bit. This is part of the natural aging process for the leather anyway so perhaps you won't mind. However, I was disappointed because I did want my bag to look "brand new" for a while and develop its patina slowly.

    The best thing to do is to apply the Collonil Waterstop spray product in neutral as recommended by Mulberry before you take your bags out for use. This will help repel water and prevent stains. It will darken your bag slightly at first but most of it will disappear when it dries and at least the color will be even.
  15. This whole discussion of water stains makes me not want to own a Mulberry Bayswater...because if a bag can't get a single drop of water on it -- IT IS TOO HIGH MAINTENANCE! Why doesn't Mulberry do something about this????
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