Cleaning and Protecting the OUTSIDE of your Jimmy Choo

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    In this thread you fill find tips and experiences for cleaning and protection the outside of Jimmy Choo items such as bags, shoes, accessories.
  2. Having recently got my first JC (cognac Ruby - in calf leather I think) should I be putting anything on the leather? Is it even necessary? Thanks!
  3. Yay, somebody posted here!!!!

    Treating the leather really depends on you and your climate. BTW - Choo does not recommend any treatment. Some of us do use a protectant on our bags. I am not the most careful and I live in a wet climate. I have treated most of my bags with AppleGarde leather/suede protectant. This product cannot be used on patent, nubuck, or exotics.

    I wipe the spray off the metal hardware immediately and then let the bag dry in either the shade, or indoors.

    Hopefully some others will comment.
  4. Having got caught in the rain recently with a turquoise Mahala, and seeing how it seeped in - arrrrgggghhhhh!!!!
    I took a deep breath - and sprayed with 'Collonil Waterstop', about 3 weeks ago
    I know Mulberry recommend this for their bags, and after reading an extensive thread on their forum, - [Ultimate amazing Collonil pics] I decided to risk it. ;)
    It has been totally fine even on the suede panels- perhaps half a shade deeper in colour? and the rain just does not affect it now. Seems to prevent staining too, especially on the Mahala's big bottom!
    Think you have to assess the risk factor depending on the sort of leather. It also cannot be used on patent or exotics- but I did see that they sold a product specifically for metallics.
    Assume that AppleGarde is a very similar product?
  5. I live in a very wet part of the UK, so I think when I'm feeling brave I might use some rain protectant on her. I've never tried Collinil but I have seen its amazing properties :faint: in the Mulberry forum!
    Otherwise it might be Clarks Protector which has worked very well on some other bags. But I'm feeling a bit chicken to use anything at the minute!

    I did get a little scuff on her today, so I just took the dustbag (which seems to be made of flannelette, and made in Italy which I thought was rather nice:biggrin:) and gave the scuff a good buffing, and it disappeared!:yes:
  6. Think it is a case of trying it on a little spot first! I live in the Uk too, rainy!!! and do find it has worked much better than any other regular spray protector. If that's any help? Know you have to be brave!!! They do say for smooth leathers or suede.
  7. I'll investigate.:sweatdrop: Eeeek!!
  8. Has anyone tried to protect their metallics? Thanks!
  9. I am trying to find a protector against dirt. I have a beige liquid patent/patent mahala and I am concerned about the suede getting dirty. Any advice/recommendations?
  10. Please help. The metallic plate of Jimmy Choo. One of the word gets 'darken'. How to make it shine again?
  11. can water damage be corrected on patents?
  12. just got a jimmy choo bronze mandah . what product can I use on it to protect form rain . thanks
  13. I need some help with my Ring bags. Maybe some of you can offer some suggestions?

    My ivory drummed leather Ring bag looks HORRENDOUS!!!:yucky: It is so discolored (yellowish, grayish brown) and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions on how to restore the color? Maybe Meltonian?

    Also, on my black Ring bag, the snakeskin trim is looking very worn and tired. Any ideas on how I can treat the snakeskin to make it look better?

    Thanks for your sharing your expertise!:smile:
  14. Question! Just got a pair of the black leather Britney boots, and I'd like to wear them this winter. I live in the Midwest (a couple hours outside Chicago) so we get all manner of rain/snow/sleet during the winter. Thoughts on applying any sort of leather weather protector to these boots, or should they be alright on their own, being mindful of wiping them off after being worn in bad weather?
  15. Hi. Just bought a gorgeous JC Roxie bag in very soft, tan, embossed leather. Already slight colour transfer, eek!!! How can I prevent this????