Cleaning and Protecting the OUTSIDE of your BV

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    In this thread you fill find tips and experiences for cleaning and protection the outside of BV items such as bags, shoes, accessories.
  2. Thanks for starting this thread Jburgh. Im really keen on reading what every one has to say so Ill start with a question, since I dont have any solution/experiences yet:smile:

    I just got my first Bottega. Its white and I am worried about dirtying it. Following Jburghs advice I called Nicole at Atlanta boutique and she adviced me to treat the bag with Meltonian water and stain protector. Here is a link to the product Jburgh sent me

    I havent used it yet, just ordered it. Any experiences with this product. What is the difference between Meltonian brand and Appleguard? Does one work better on a particular type of leather compared to the other? Any helpful experiences? Thanks!
  3. Here's my experience: I just got my first BV- a large Veneta in the Copper Rame (Love Her!) Anyways, I am a big user of Appleguarde products, particularly the AppleGuarde spray and the cream leather conditioner. On my BV I gave it a light spray with the Apple Guarde Spray, and it was just great. No lingering smell, no spotting, nothing bad at all. I did not use the cream though, a little apprehensive given the metallic finish. HTH
  4. I take my Ferro Sloane most everywhere with me. I haven't treated it with anything, as I am afraid that any product will get stuck in the basketweave of the leather. Do you think it's necessary to treat it?
  5. I'm a big fan of Shining Monkey spray protectorant (is that a word?). It is very fine and leaves no spots. I'd be afraid to use any sort of cream conditioner on BV. So I go the preventative route with the spray and not buying light colors that are impractical for me. I did use the Shining Monkey spray on my gold metallic YSL bag and it didn't alter the finish one bit.
  6. I am considering a BV in Lotus (very light pink from S/S07). The outlet has a few bags in this color. Has anyone sprayed Shiny Monkey or Appleguard on this color?
  7. what kind of treatment do you use on your exotic bags? Looks like most of the people use appleguard, any comments? thks!

  8. I can attest to this also. I sprayed my large rame veneta twice with AG rain and stain repellent, (about an hour between coats) and it dried back to perfection without any detrimental effects at all.
  9. Just got the Apple Garde treatments..Here is what I found...
    I spray Apple Garde Rain and Stain Relellent twice on my Veneta and Slone today, no discoloration, etc. They look perfect!
    Then I tested the Repellent on my ostrich bag, I noticed some spottings.... So I switched to the conditioner instead, it worked great. I guess if you have an exotic leather, you may want to order the conditioner as well....
  10. Hi,

    has anyone used Meltonian all purpose cleaner and conditioner on sloane bag?
  11. Just sharing, in case it matters to anyone... I've been carrying my White BV Grommet Hobo (aka Rivet Veneta) through the entire RAINY month of July here in Western NY, and I can see no harm to my lovely bag whatsoever. I decided not to spray it or treat it with anything, just preferring that nature take its course. (I once used a highly recommended product on LV vachetta to keep it stain-free, and I really disliked the change it made in the color of the leather.) So, I try to keep my BV out of DOWNPOURS, but it has gotten plenty of sprinkles on it of late and, thankfully, it just keeps getting softer and more and more beautiful.
  12. So people like appleguard on their BV's? I'm debating what to use...
  13. I have a few veneta style bags and I was always told by BV associates not to apply anything on the bags. However, one BV SA told me that I could use Meltonian spray protectant.
  14. I am very tough on my bags. I sort of like the way is looks when it gets that worn look. I do clean my bags with mild saddle soap and that take most dirt off. Is that harmful to the leather?
  15. ^^How is the Meltonian spray different than shining monkey or appleguard?