Cleaning and Protecting the INSIDE of your BV

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  1. In this thread you will find stories and tips for keeping the inside lining of your bag it suede or fabric.
  2. Hi everyone! I just purchased a "preloved" BV bag and wanted to know how can I clean the inside and outside of this purse without Harming the leather? Also is there a way to Disinfect the purse straps? I just want a thorough cleaning.

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
  3. I know that the boutique near me will take the purse and do a spa treatment on it. I have heard that the bags usually turn out really well. I have no idea how much it costs...
  4. Hey Noel, where do you live? What's the boutique called?
  5. Hi Ladies:

    I hope someone can give me some tips on cleaning the inside of a BV bag. I don't have the bag but the one I'm considering purchasing has a lot of pen type marks on the inside of the bag among other unidentifiable marks. If it's a hassle then I'll just skip it but if there's a good way to clean it without damaging it, I'd like to try.

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    Would like to ask you ladies if you have tried the Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellent on the Suede lining of the Bottega Veneta bags? I searched but there weren't too many entries concerning the Apple Stain Repellent spray for the suede.

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, please Mods feel free to move or close if this has been discussed, I would appreciate if someone can refer me to the appropriate thread.


    merging with sticky: cleaning and protecting the inside of your BV.
  7. I don't treat my suede linings...I find most minor issues come out with an alcohol-free baby wipe.
  8. Thanks doreenjoy! Any one else please?
  9. I went ahead and sprayed Apple Garde Rain Stain Repellent on the suede of my brand new Campana. Sprayed some too on the interior of my Tote and Belly bag.

    It has been more than 24 hrs and i think there were no bad effects on the Suede lining. The suede on the Campana slightly darkened but no change in color in the suede lining of the Tote and Belly bag. Sprayed some too on the exterior of the bags and happy to say there was no change after the spray dried. I repeated after 12 hrs for a total of 2 coats. No problems at all.
  10. I have recently borrowed my sister BV and a terrible accident has happened, ink has leaked out of the pen and it's all over the inside of the bag. I have tried rubbing alcohol, but now it had made it worse with more stain. Can someone please help me before I die from ruining her beautiful purse?
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    you poor thing! don't do anything more to the bag.... here are a few options (i assume the ink is only on the interior suede lining).... in some cases ink can be removed from leather, i don't know about suede, but only if you deal with it immediately.

    1) Take the bag to a high end shoe repair place immediately to see if they can do anything
    2) Take the bag to BV and have them replace the lining
    3) Contact loving my bags to see what they recommend. i have not used them personally, but have heard good things.

    good luck!
  12. Thank you very much. I will check out the website. I am actually afraid to let her know right now. I am hoping that everything will work out.
  13. Think it is beteer to bring it to any BV boutique and they can send for professional cleaninf for u at a fee.
  14. just bought my first BV - large belly - 3 weeks ago and was wondering for a quick clean up, would it be okay to use alcohol free wipes on her?
  15. Ladies,

    Some lip gloss smeared on the suede interior pocket of my bag. Do you have any tips for removal?