Cleaning Alacantra Lining

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  1. Non ink stains. Any ideas on cleaning dingy lining?
  2. I purchased a bag with Alcantra lining for the purposes of doing it up
    . The inside was filthy and so I used a cleaning/scrubbing brush with soap and water
    Not sure if I'd have done that if I hadnt purchased it to restore
    But it worked perfectly :smile:

  3. Thanks. I was thinking the same. How long did it take to dry?
  4. I'm not sure as I did it just before I went to work. I left it to dry for a full day in the open air though so as to ensure it didn't get damp at all.
    before.. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396907998.161351.jpg
    And after... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396908031.918125.jpg

    It was still damp during the second picture and isn't done yet, but a pretty big difference all the same! I was pretty impressed
  5. That is impressive!