Cleaning a used Mono Speedy 30

  1. Hey all!
    I just purchased my first Monogram speedy!!

    It's about 6ish years old. It's in great shape, but I would like to clean it before actually using it. I'm not used to buying "used bags" and I guess I'm super anal! :shame:

    What can I do to clean the leather on the outside of the bag and also the handles as well?

    Also, what do you all suggest in terms of maintain its condition? Leather moisturizers, etc?

    I know there's been threads about this, but I've only found older ones. I'm wondering if there's any new ideas!

    Thanks!!! :love:
  2. I have used baby wipes on my mono bags and it works well,
    it will take 2-3 times to notice the different but it does work. Just make sure you let the bag dry for about 1-2 hours between :smile:

    Good luck,
  3. The reason why I'm weary about baby wipes is because my handles are already darkened.. I dont want them much darker than that.

    Which type of baby wipes is recommended? Maybe something with aloe?? I'm clueless! :confused1:
  4. Hey girl.

    I would NOT touch the handle with anything. The patina on it is gorgeous and with your natural oils that are bringing to the bag, the leather will shine and look amazing!

    As for the canvas, I would wipe it with baby wipes or a lysol wipe. Those are great, and they kill bacteria.

    For the inside, i spray mine with febreeze.

    Hope this finds you well.
  5. I've tried baby wipes on mine, and it made the handles a little dry. On the good side, the wipes did take dirt off.
  6. baby wipes and i wiped the interior of the bag off too.
    my handles did NOT darken more from baby wiping.
    go fig.
  7. WOW Bag Fetish, you got GREAT results!!! :nuts: I cant believe the before (pic from let-trade) and after!

    I really want to try your same process... I'm off to the store to buy those Huggies Wipes (and lysol for the outside leather like Sophia suggested). I would like to pick up the Wilson's spray and condition you mentioned... whats the exact name of the products and where can I get them? Both at Wilson's?

    Thanks!!! :heart:
  8. Okay I just tried the baby wipes... I used them all over the canvas. Its SUCH a relief because so much dirt came off.
    I just now wiped down the handles, and they are making me nervous!! I did rub them pretty good to get the dirt off... I'm just hoping they dry soon and do not turn that much darker. I loved the color of the patina and I'm hoping I didnt ruin them!! :sad: