Cleaning A Suede Coach Purse

  1. The corners of my suede Coach purse is black. From what, I don't know! It has pink & tan suede corners & it looks so yucky. Soapy water ok or should I use a special suede cleaner :?:
  2. there's no such thing as a suede cleaner. Once suede is ruined, it's done. You can't reverse it. Anything liquid will just make it worse. sorry.
  3. Coach has a little eraser thingy and brush for suede. Ask your local Coach Store.:yes:
  4. Yeah Coach has a suede cleaner that they'll usually order for you for free. I came in there with a bag I bought on eBay (Chevron Hobo) and they ordered me one and it came to my house in like two days!

    It worked really well surprisingly! Doesn't look 100% better but a vast difference.
  5. There is such thing as a Suede cleaner. The one Coach sells is amazing.
  6. coach doesn't sell a suede cleaner. The all suede bags come with an eraser and brush, and that's it. They might be able to give you one, but they don't sell them. Coach only sells the sig and leather cleaners.
  7. Here's what my SA gave me!:yahoo:
    Picture 113.jpg
  8. whew, thank god i opted out of the maroon suede swingpack i eyed at the outlet... good luck!
  9. I've used an emery board (not the metal kind) and used light strokes over the bag, and it cleaned it up nicely. Not perfect, but a lot better. I have only one suede Coach bag simply because suede is so difficult to clean, and bad weather....fuhgeddabowdit! Good luck!
  10. My 1st post :biggrin: In the drug store shoe section they have suede shoe erasers and brushes. My husbands new military boots are suede and I have used these erasers with the brush on my pink suede Hampton, my suede trimmed duffle and suede Dooney bags and it works great!
  11. The suede eraser block from Coach works great. I can't believe they just gave them to you guys-- my coach store charged me $15!!!
  12. Wow I can't believe they charged you for it! When I worked at Coach we gave them away for free. Thats a bummer.
  13. I guess this is after the fact but I bought a small sig bag with suede on the bottom. I used a spray scotch guard on it. You need to spray lightly and go over it 2 or 3 times but it has really seamed to help keep it clean.
  14. if you purchased it from a coach store, it should have came with a suede brush and thats what you use.

    otherwise, i searched the forum awhile ago and an answer was to use a nail file and file the dirt off.