Cleaning a sticky floor...Advice?

  1. Hubby was carrying groceries in and a bag broke, spilling four bottles of IBC cream soda on the kitchen floor (ceramic tile). We have mopped it about 7 times now, and it is STILL sticky. Any suggestions on how to get soda off a ceramic floor? Thanks! :huh:
  2. Go borrow the neighbors dog.

    Seriously, mild soap and water should work, but ceramic tile is a semi permeable surface so it may take a few times.
  3. Try vinegar and water. I used that a few times on my tile floor. More than once the kids opened the fridge door and out flew the eggs all over the tile floor-that is the worst mess to clean up.
  4. seltzer water helps....bubbles act like a cleanser..yet no sugar in it..
  5. Seltzer works... so does vinegar. My mom will do a vinegar water mixture.
  6. Ewww no...awful stuff to clean!:amazed:
    My son recently spilt 3 litres of neat squash down our sofa (it was a write off) and we had a rather large trail of it going across the carpet and out through the kitchen in to the back garden.....:rant:

    What i used on my hard floor: white vinegar with hot water and lemon juice, maybe add a drop or two of washing up liquid too. You might need to scrub and rinse a few times, but it should work.:smile:
  7. A couple Mr Clean Magic Erasers and some elbow grease should take care of it! (Test a small area first so you can make sure it won't scratch.)
  8. steam mops are the best
  9. Vinegar works well. I have used it on my floors before and have had good results :smile:
  10. Thanks all! I will try the vinegar solution and see how that works! I have a Magic Eraser, but trying to do the whole kitchen floor with that would probably kill me!